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Umenyiora tells tale of Super Bowl XLII


Friday was story time for Osi Umenyiora.

Gathered around his locker in the waning minutes of the last media availability back east, a group of reporters and cameramen were regaled by the defensive end's telling of the morning buildup to Super Bowl XLII.

Four years ago, prior to the Giants' slaying of the undefeated Patriots, Umenyiora joined Michael Strahan for an early morning bite to eat.

Take it away, Osi.

"We were at breakfast, and Strahan was just talking, being loud, his usual self or whatever," he began, "And I'm usually the one who is joking around, but I was dead serious that morning. I was like, Stray, in order for us to win the game, we're going to have to get to the quarterback, we're going to have to really get to him. He was like, yeah, yeah, whatever."

Then Umenyiora really got his attention. 

"I made him put his fork down. And I was like, I'm dead serious, we're going to have to do this. He was like, all right, cool. He stopped joking around then and he was all business."

The Giants went on to sack Tom Brady five times as the Patriots could garner just 274 yards on offense. With Tom Brady going 29 of 48 for one touchdown, people were left questioning why the previous 18 teams hadn't gotten that same pressure to disrupt him.

New England's offensive line had something to do with it, but was it really that simple?

Justin Tuck, in the next building over, said as much during his press conference in the field house.

"We've just got to play better than their o-line, simple as that," said Tuck, who sacked Brady twice in the Super Bowl. "I think a lot of times you overplay the situation. At the end of the day, it's still going to be mano-a-mano to win this football game. I hate to make it that simple, but football games have always been won the same way."

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