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Vikings DE Jared Allen

Q. How concerned are you with the direction of the team the last month of the season?

A. You know what, we are not too concerned. We've got to right some wrongs and get back on the right track. We can't do anything about the games that we have played. We have to pull our heads together and get it going.

Q. How important is it to get that number two seed and get a week off?

A. Yeah, that's huge. I think a bye this time of year is great, let's your body freshen up and it is one less game you have to play to get to the Super Bowl. That is important. That is obviously one of our goals. To be honest, I think we are in a position right now where we just need to win and let the chips fall where they may.

Q. What did you make of the Giants last week?

A. I haven't watched most of the film, but I saw the score so obviously it probably wasn't too good of a game. The Giants are a good team. You start off 5-0 and their history of wins the last few years, winning the Super Bowl and being in the playoffs. They've got those same players, so you might have some bad luck, but they've got some good players over there. They are a tough team. They are a tough, physical team and they like to run the ball. That is what we like to play against on defense, so we are looking forward to it.

Q. Do you think if you throw a knockout punch early, they might just fade into their offseason?

A. I don't know if they are going to fade away. Every player has pride and competitive spirit, that is why they are there. I think it is huge for us to get up early. That is going to be something. It makes it a little bit easier to play when it's a close game or you are winning or something like that if you are not going to the playoffs. So I think it is important to be successful on early downs in tackling the run. If we can get an early lead, I think we can negate some of the things that they are doing and dictate the pace.

Q. Is there anything going on with Brett Favre?

A. Nah, everything is going along smoothly. Everybody is competitive around here. We want to win games. It can get frustrating when things aren't going the way we want them to. Bottom line is that we have won together as a team, we will pull together. Like I said, we'll go back to work. We'll hit the field today and have a good practice to get ready to beat the Giants.

Q. What are a couple of the things that you can put your finger on that have gone wrong since that great start?

A. On the defensive side it has been tackling. We have to attack and tackle the perimeter runs. We have to do a better job of tackling, yards after catches, stuff like that. Getting off the field on third down. Defensively, that is the main thing, be a little bit better on third downs and get back to tackling the way we know how to tackle.

Q. All four losses have come on the road this season. How important is it to get that home-field advantage?

A. It is what it is. It is always great to play at home. It's great to have your fan support. It's great to have the routine that you are used to. But the Super Bowl is on the road, so personally I don't care where we have to play. If we have to line up in a field and play, let's go do it. It shouldn't change the way we play. Unfortunately, we have had some tough losses on the road and we are going to have to rectify that.

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