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Postgame Stats and Notes
Notes and statistics from the Giants' 31-7 loss in Kansas City...

When your defense gets the football for you like that and especially if you happen to have a short field, you have to go in and you have to convert that into points. Number one, it basically counts as double points because you just took the football away from the other team. Also it's such a huge momentum swing, and this game is so emotional. So for your defense to come up with a turnover and then your offense to go three-and-out and then put your defense right back out there on the field, you almost feel like, "Hey, what's the point? Our offense is struggling, they're not even moving the ball down the field, and they're getting no production." This is why when you hear people talk about good teams really feed off each other, that's what they're referring to.


This offense is lacking confidence right now with their third-down inefficiencies. I attribute a lot of that to the lack of first-down production that you get when you actually run the football. When I'm looking at the Giants and I'm watching this game, I'm saying stop throwing the ball on first down. Run the football on first and second down, and then even if you're averaging two or three yards a carry, you're still in third-and-4 or third-and-5, which is much more manageable than third-and-8 or third-and-9.


Special teams is the third phase of the game that nobody really talks about. A lot of times they can win the football game for you or they can lose them. The penalty to start off the game was a big momentum swing. They also missed the field goal at halftime, and then in the second half to have that punt returned for a touchdown, you could almost feel the wind come out of the sails of the Giants. The confidence just basically eroded right there. Those are plays that the Giants players need to be making because if you are struggling offensively or defensively, your special teams needs to be the group that steps up and provides a spark for those other two phases of the game.


It was a very clean jersey for quarterback Alex Smith. For the offensive linemen for the Chiefs, I know that they're probably very excited about that. I really looked at Justin Tuck and I looked at Jason Pierre-Paul to take advantage of Eric Fischer, the rookie right tackle. He even left the game and didn't play in the second half, and they still weren't able to take advantage of the injuries along the Chiefs' offensive line.


Against the Chiefs, to miss the field goal going into halftime, I know that stung. They've trailed going into halftime in every single football game this year. Then to not be able to come out and get points -- they go three-and-out -- you put your defense right back out there on the field to start off and you lose any momentum you might have had. The Giants just have not been a good second-half team. They've been outscored by 61 points in the second half in four games. That's not good enough, especially when we hear Tom Coughlin talking all the time about "finish." Finish the drives, finish your blocks, and finish games. They're not finishing the games, and that's why they're 0-4.


Offense: C-
Victor Cruz gave them a spark and helped them out. I thought David Wilson ran hard, but he only had 13 carries. I thought James Brewer and Jim Cordle did a pretty good job for young guys going in there. They didn't lose the game.

Defense: C+
They did create some turnovers, and the Chiefs had not given up the ball yet all season long. But at the same time, they could not get the Chiefs off the field on third down. On third down, they converted nine out of 16. They couldn't get off the field on third down, and they couldn't sack Alex Smith.

Special Teams: F
The penalties are disheartening, but you can overcome them. But to give up a touchdown and to take points off the board on a missed field goal, that's just inexcusable. You can't let that happen.

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