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Watch: TE Brandon Myers adjusting to Giants

When TE Brandon Myers first joined the team in early Spring, he met with the media to give his early impressions of the Giants:

Q: How is your first week at the facility?
A: It's been great getting to know some of the guys and some of the people around the facility. It's been good.

Q: What did you like about the Giants that brought you here?
A: Just the way that they use the tight ends. They have been very successful with that position the last few years and having an established quarterback and an organization that expects to win and that wins a lot of ball games. That was definitely a major point in coming.

Q: How much interaction have you had with Eli?
A: It's only been four days, but we've all thrown the ball a little bit and have been trying to get to know each other and run some routes.

Q: How have you found the talk of trying to be the first team to host and play in the same Super Bowl?
A: I came here to win some football games and to make the playoffs. I've never been in the playoffs. That excites me to be around guys who expect to win and fans that expect to win. So I'm excited.

Q: Is this different than your experience in Oakland?
A: It's definitely different. It's a different situation. They haven't won in a while and I think once you don't win in a while you kind of lose that mentality.

Q: How has Kevin Boss helped you?
A: Kevin was a great guy, great teammate and a good friend in Oakland. He had nothing but good things to say about the organization, the guys on the team, the coaches and he still helps me if I have a question about where to live or something like that. He's still right there helping me. He's been great and him and his wife have helped my fiancé and I out a lot, so I'm very thankful for that.





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