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WR Hakeem Nicks - 4/18


Q: How is the knee and foot feeling?**
A: My body is feeling good. I still have a lot of time to still monitor and take care of it, so that's what I'm doing now getting back in the groove of things.

Q: Do you feel like you're on schedule to progress with the next stage of the offseason conditioning program?
A: I'm looking at the bigger picture right now. My goal is to be full go by training camp. So this time that I have now I'm using to get myself back in football shape and football conditioning because it's been a while. That's all I'm doing right now.

Q: Was the surgery you had in the offseason a knee scope to clean some stuff out?
A: It was just a little minor procedure.

Q: Do you feel better having had that surgery?
A: Definitely. I benefited from it.

Q: When you say your goal is to be full go by training camp, what's your level of confidence that you can be full go at that point?
A: My confidence is extremely high. I just look at it like when that time gets here then that's when it will take place.

Q: When you watched last season's game tape, was it hard to watch yourself on the field?
A: I knew what I was going through. Nobody knew what I was going though but me, but I felt like I came out better than the average person would in that position. So I feel like I was blessed to come out the way I did. It could have been worse. I fought through it. I did it for my team. It taught me some things. I learned a lot of things from myself. I just take it in stride and continue with my career.

Q: Do you think sometimes that maybe you shouldn't have come back because you couldn't be yourself?
A: You can look at that and say that now, but when you're going through the situation it's a lot harder especially when you're competitive like the way I am. You just got to look back on it now and be glad that it's over with and that what I do.

Q: When you're healthy and playing at your highest potential, is there anything going forward with the foot or the knee that may prevent that?
A: No. I don't think so. My foot has been fine for a while. I think my main issue last year was mainly the knee, but I think that's fine now. We're going to keep on taking things the way we are now and making sure there won't be any setbacks.

Q: What did you gain with the session last week with Eli?
A: We do that once every offseason. That was actually my first time running routes with Eli. I've been running, but it was my first time running routes with Eli. I felt pretty good. There weren't any setbacks with that. I would rather have been at Carolina than Duke, but it's all good though.


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