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WR Jerrel Jernigan


Q: Eli was just saying that you're playing faster this year because you have a better understanding of the offense. Do you feel that way as well?

A: Yeah. Exactly. Last year we didn't have OTA's or rookie minicamp. Last year, when I came in, they kind of just threw us out there. This year, I understand the playbook more and I'm not thinking as much when I go out there. I'm just going out there and reacting to what I see in the defense. I can say I'm playing faster.

Q: When you're trying to make a team or make a role for yourself on the team, does it help that you're catching passes from Eli Manning? Does he make receivers better too?

A: Oh without a doubt. He's a great quarterback and he's just throwing the ball well. You can get it anywhere….

Q: They talk about your quickness when you're coming back for the ball. Is that an element that you think you can improve also? Is the raw speed getting down the field?A: Without a doubt. I know I got speed. I know the coaches already know I got speed. It's just something I have to showcase to them.

Q: You also made a slipup play before that right?A: Yeah, I got kind of tangled on the end.

Q: Nothing personal against them right?

A: Nothing personal.

Q: Is that part of this for you to kind of prove you can basically run any route that's out there? It seemed like last year you were pegged as a slot guy—he can play inside because of his size. Is there part of you that wants to showcase on the outside as well?A: Yeah, without a doubt. Because always at Troy, I played the majority in the slot, so pretty much, people didn't get to see me outside a lot. I think I can go outside and I can showcase the stretch down the field. Not only just in the slot, but vertical end routes and curl routes and everything.

Q: Does it present a different kind of challenge when you got a guy here who just basically set the franchise record for receiving by playing in the slot last year, knowing that it's not a hole right there they aren't looking to fill?A: No. If anything I can just learn from him – try and get in his ear and learn something that he learned last year. Just try to get him to coach me up.

Q: Do you feel like, so far in the first few practices, you're taking steps in the right direction?

A: I had two good practices so far. I just got to continue what I'm doing and just keep going out there and catching passes and learning the offense.

Q: Did you feel you had a come in early and make an impression right away?A: Without a doubt. Coming in, everybody knew this is going to be a competition for this third wideout spot. So I had to come in and make a big splash. So that's what I'm looking forward to.

Q: Was there any part of you that felt like the forgotten guy when everyone was talking and other players were getting more attention?

A: No. Whatever is going to be said is going to be said. I just continue to work hard. I know what I can do, so I just go out there and continue to work.

Q: You feel like you made that big splash?A: Yeah, I mean it's only been two days… So we got a whole 'nother couple of weeks to go. So I just got to continue to work.

Q: Are you also going to do special teams stuff too?

A: That's the plan. I'm still back there punt returning, kick returning. I like doing those things. They're still evaluating back there, so we just got to see who coach likes.

Q: Did you do a lot of kickoffs back in college?A: I did. My last year, I did the whole season.

Q: You had that 100-yard return?

A: Yeah, I did.

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