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WR Jerrel Jernigan Conference Call

WR Jerrel Jernigan

Q: Your thoughts on coming to the Giants.
A:  I look forward to it.

Q:  One thing they talked about last night – Jerry Reese was talking about your versatility as a player.  Do you agree with that being one of your better aspects?A:  Yes, sir, for the simple point of the fact that I played quarterback in high school.  That helped me a lot when I came to college.  They had me doing a little wildcat stuff. Then I played slot and I played outside and plus special teams with kickoff and punt returns.

Q:  Do you enjoy that part, being able to play all over the place?
A:  Yeah, I love it. People ask me that a lot, if I enjoy doing all that stuff. I tell them, I love playing with the ball in my hands, especially.  So I don't have a problem with that.

Q:  I don't know how much contact you have had with the Giants so far, but did the wildcat come up at all in your conversations with them?
A:  On my visit it came up a little bit, not a lot.  They asked me if I loved doing it.  I told them yes, I loved doing it. But that was pretty much it.

Q:  What does it mean to come from a small school?  I know the school has produced a number of NFL players, but I think it is still considered sort of a small school?
A:  It means a lot – all of the hard work I put in over the years and stuff.  And just – like you said before we've got a number of players in the League, it says a lot about our University.  And we keep putting people in the League, every year.

Q:  How much do you like kickoff and punt returns and how much do you expect to do that here?
A:  I like it a lot.  Everybody always asks me what I would love to do, kickoff or punt returns.  I tell them that it really doesn't matter.  I am more comfortable at kickoff returns because I have been doing it the longest.  But I love punt returns, too.  I expect to come in and do a lot, especially kickoff return and punt returns.  But we will just see how things go.

Q:  You look at your size and some people think, "Oh, he is not a big guy."  But it sounds like from what the Giants are saying that you play bigger.  You are tough.  Do you agree with that?
A:  I agree.  I don't have problems going through the middle.  It is all in the football game, get hit.  I don't care.  So I go ahead and give my body up and do whatever I have to do to catch the ball.

Q:  Do you know much about the wide receiver situation with the Giants?
A:  Yeah, I know you have great receivers in Mario Manningham, Hakeem Nicks.  I know Steve Smith is coming off a knee injury.  And you don't know how he's going to come back off his knee injury.  But I just plan on coming in and learning from them and sitting back watching, but eventually getting out there and help the Giants any way that I can.

Q:  You talked about players from Troy that are in the NFL.  Have you ever met Osi or Lawrence Tynes?A:  I haven't met Osi before but I have met Lawrence Tynes.  He and I have talked.  Matter of fact, he came down to Alabama a couple of weeks ago.  Our coach had a 20th anniversary dinner he spoke at and we exchanged phone numbers there.  I tried to call him this morning but he didn't answer.  I left a voice mail for him so I'm pretty sure he'll call me back.

Q:  Getting back to the wildcat for a second.  It is still somewhat of a new thing in the NFL.  Have you enjoyed watching the last few years?  And when you did, did you think, "Hey, maybe this is something that I can do up there?"
A:  Exactly, I enjoy watching it, every time I see it, I say to myself, "That is something that I can see myself doing when I go up there."  But I just look forward to going out there and competing.

Q:  Do you know an NFL player that you could compare yourself to?A:  I like Percy Harvin, I watched him all through college and stuff. That's the person I try to (model) my game after, I would say.

Q:  Have you ever been to New York?
A:  Only on my visit.  That is the only time that I have been up there.  I keep telling everybody that it is going to be different but I will have to adapt to it.  So I'm ready for it.

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