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XLVI quotes heading into Training Camp



XLVI)** "What a great morning it is for us to come before you as Super Bowl champions and as World Champions…We're excited. We're excited right now, to be honest with you, and our stay here in Indianapolis has been outstanding." – Tom Coughlin on Feb. 6, 2012, Indianapolis

XLV) "He spoke about our resiliency, our leadership, the great ability that this team
possessed to finish, to win so many games in the fourth quarter." – Coughlin on the steps of City Hall on Feb. 7, referring to his phone conversation with President Obama

XLIV) "I haven't asked the mayor yet, but we should do this every Tuesday." - Giants chairman and executive vice president Steve Tisch after Super Bowl Parade on Feb. 7

XLIII) "But when you pull into this place and see all you fans out there, you realize one thing, there's no place like home. And we are very proud to call New Jersey our home. And we are even more proud of the fact that we have the greatest, most loyal fans in the world." – Team president and CEO John Mara during the Super Bowl Rally in MetLife Stadium on Feb. 7

XLII) "It's MetLife Stadium. But the one thing you can be sure of is whose house this is." – Justin Tuck on Feb. 7

XLI) "I was just sitting there thinking, 'Hey, I got a ring,' Brown said. "He got one, too." – Andre Brown on Feb. 7, referring to himself and Deon Grant on the field after the Super Bowl

XL) "John [Mara] and Steve [Tisch] tease me about having picked the Jets all the time. That's OK, but I'm not going to be one of these politicians who's going to go 'Oh, I think both teams should win.' New Jersey knows that's not how I am, and I made a choice and it's not the first time I was wrong and it won't be the last. So I'm happy for them." – Gov. Chris Christie on Feb. 7

XXXIX) "Wins always make you love each other. So that's a common denominator – wins. Every team is different, as you know. Every offseason the team changes, but there will be a strong core of the players – our current players – coming back. I can tell you that. But there will definitely be some changes." – GM Jerry Reese on Feb. 9

XXXVIII) "As Coach Coughlin has said many times here, you get to the top of the mountain, you realize there's one more mountain to climb. I'll always cherish the memories here with the Giants and so many wonderful people, not just coaches and players but front office people in the organization." – former QB coach Mike Sullivan on Feb. 13 after being named the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offensive coordinator

XXXVII) "The World Champion Giants have given New Yorkers a fantastic win, bragging rights and a parade – now the victory will give local food banks a shot in the arm when Massachusetts pays up on our bet. As we all know, New Yorkers like to give and to help when help is needed. That's why the New York companies that were involved in the wager have volunteered to give to food banks in New York and Massachusetts" – New York Governor Cuomo on Feb. 15 on settling his Super Bowl wager with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

XXXVI) "We will present to you an extraordinary event, something in all likelihood you've never witnessed before." - WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon on Feb. 16 at a press conference at MetLife Stadium announcing WrestleMania coming in 2013

XXXV) "That's over with. It was good while it lasted, but we're on to the next season. After the parade, we went right into our pre-draft meetings before we come to the combine and start to build a new team." – Reese at NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis on Feb. 26

XXXIV) "Continuity is important," – Coughlin on March 1 on naming Sean Ryan the team's QB coach and Kevin M. Gilbride the new wide receivers coach

XXXIII) "They could have cut me and let me be on my way and be done with me. But they didn't do that. They treated me the same and I really appreciate that. I know a lot of times in the NFL loyalty isn't that big. But in this situation I really felt like I wanted to be here. They helped me out time and time again. I wanted to stay here and repay that." - Domenik Hixon on March 2 about signing a new contract

XXXII) "Some of my greatest memories growing up were my father taking me and my brother and sister to Giants games at Yankee Stadium. I knew early in life what a great Giant Alex Webster is and was and what he meant to our organization." – Steve Tisch on March 3 on the passing of Webster, one of 35 Giants in the team's Ring of Honor

XXXI) "I want to be with the Giants for a long time and I really think the feeling is mutual, so hopefully something can get worked out long term and I can be a Giant for another four, five or 10 years." Punter Steve Weatherford on March 5 on receiving the Franchise tag

XXX) "I've gone back and watched the game. I kind of like to sit there and watch the game, the T.V. copy, watch all the commercials, watch halftime, kind of go through the fan's perspective of watching the game. So I enjoyed that. But I try to reflect on the whole season." – Eli Manning on March 6 before the Super Bowl DVD premiere in NYC

XXIX) "Brandon helped us win two world championships. He always did what was in the best interest of team. No matter what you asked him to do, he performed and played in whatever role we asked him to perform. He really was a team player." – Coughlin on March 9 on the release of Brandon Jacobs

XXVIII) "I definitely wanted to come back here – this is home for me." – Terrell Thomas said after signing new contract, March 13

XXVII) "My wife and I were watching the Super Bowl, and I said, 'Both tight ends just tore their ACL. We could end up in New York.'" – former Dallas TE Martellus Bennett on signing with the Giants, March 14

XXVI) "The way that my career had gone to that point was one year at a time. And really, in my mind, it was one day at a time because I've been in situations where you have one bad game and your life gets turned upside down, you get traded, fired, waived." – Weatherford on signing new contact, March 19

XXV) "We're all saddened by the unexpected news of Ron's death. I just sent him a note at the end of the season when he celebrated his 80th birthday (on Feb. 27) ." – Coughlin on the passing of former offensive coordinator Ron Erhardt, March 21

XXIV) "I've said it before, these guys, you play ball in high school, you play ball in college and there's really not a better locker room that I've been in than here, and that's including those times." – QB David Carr on re-signing with Giants, March 22

XXIII) "I'm sure our fans will be jacked up for it, and I'm sure they'll be ready to play, too." – Mara on March 28 on the announcement of the Sept. 5 season opener vs. the Cowboys

XXII) "When we return, we'll try to bridge from last year's tremendous season to this year in terms of the intangibles involved that were behind all this." – Coughlin at NFL Annual Meeting, March 28

XXI) "The uniform is great. It's comfortable, it's light. It feels good to wear." – WR Victor Cruz at Nike uniform unveil, April 3

XX) "I'm excited to get a fresh start and brand new beginning. You can't ask for more than to be playing for the defending world champions and be in New York." – LB Keith Rivers on being traded to New York from Cincinnati, April 12

XIX) "That's the first, second and last thing that we're concerned about." Mara on rules changes, referring to player safety, April 13

XVIII) "I was getting on an airplane and one of the guys who worked with the airline just fell back and started acting like he was scoring a touchdown. It happens every day." – RB Ahmad Bradshaw referring to his go-ahead touchdown in the Super Bowl, April 16


XVII) "Not much Broadway or acting, so this will be a new experience for me." –Manning on hosting Saturday Night Live, April 16

XVI) "We will have a week-in and week-out challenge, not only in who we play, but with the different elements of our schedule." – Coughlin on 2012 schedule release, April 17

XV) "We never try to reach in the draft. We're conscious of what we think our needs are, but we try to pick the best player in the draft." Reese at pre-draft press conference, April 19

XIV) "This guy loves to play football. We like all of that stuff about him. He's fast. He's productive. He can do anything you want him to do." Reese on first-round draft pick RB David Wilson, April 26

XIII) "When two minutes were on the clock, I'm thinking to myself, 'How am I going to sleep? Am I going to get to go to sleep?' Because that's a lot of pressure to have on you overnight." Wilson on being chosen with the final pick of the first round, April 27

XII) "I'm used to doing live. I do live every Sunday of the football season." – Manning after hosting Saturday Night Live, May 8

XI) "We were packed in there like sardines. We were planning on going boy, girl, boy, girl to try to separate the fat, but we ended up the four of us being smashed together." C David Baas on sitting with Chris Snee and David Diehl in the audience at Saturday Night Live, May 8

X) "He looks very fast, which we knew going in. But to actually see it on the field, it was - I'm trying to think of the right word - encouraging, exciting." – offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride on Wilson at rookie minicamp, May 11

IX) "Our thing now is we want to be a dynasty. We want to make it a dynasty." – Tuck at Super Bowl ring ceremony, May 17

VIII) "I did talk to him. He sounded great. He was very optimistic. He rushed down to Charlotte to get the surgery taken care of as fast as he could. He did that. And that is a great example. This guy really, really wants to be on the field and out here." – Coughlin on WR Hakeem Nicks fracturing his fifth metatarsal of his right foot, May 30

VII) "I think it's important to see where guys fit with other guys… if we can play different combinations. That's kind of what we would like to do." – defensive coordinator Perry Fewell on linebackers' roles, May 30

VI) "I'm just happy, I'm happy all that's over with. It's time to get back to work." – DE Osi Umenyiora on restructuring contract, June 1

V) "It has always been my belief that it is an honor and a privilege to be the head coach of the New York Giants. I'm thankful to John Mara and Steve Tisch and their families for their support and the recognition of what our players and coaches have accomplished. And I'm grateful for the working relationship Jerry Reese and I have. We've got a lot of work left to do." – Coughlin on contract extension, June 6

IV) "We both have a goal to get back here next year." Coughlin to President Obama during the team's visit to the White House, June 8

III) "The motivation and the mindset is we've got to get better." – Manning on not being content after a championship season, June 12

II) "Everybody is like, 'Can I get that facemask?' No, it's exclusive to me, no one else can have it." – Tuck on his new facemask, June 14

I) "I'll be excited about the first little bit of time that we get away. But give me a couple of days and I'll start thinking about what is coming at the end of July." Coughlin at final minicamp of the offseason, June 14



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