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Zak DeOssie announces retirement; read statement


Statement from two-time Super Bowl champion Zak DeOssie:

I am retiring from football.

As many of you know, I made this decision months ago, but I wanted to make a formal announcement to acknowledge those who have made this experience so awesome - and this milestone so bittersweet.

To everyone at the New York Football Giants - teammates, coaches, trainers, management, ownership, and everyone else who impacted my career and daily experience in big and small ways: I can't thank you enough for the best 13 years of my life. I have worked with, and for, the best of the best, and that has made me better in every way, every single day. I am forever grateful for the opportunity, the lifelong friendships, and ten lifetimes worth of memories - the big wins on big stages, the tiny victories behind the scenes, and the challenges that have taught me so much. Eli said it best: Once a Giant, Always a Giant, Only a Giant. What an honor.

To my friends, mentors, and colleagues across the league: I wish you all the best. To those carrying the Giants torch forward, I can't wait to cheer you on from the sidelines as your biggest fan. Bring us another championship!

To the best fans in the league: thank you for your fierce loyalty and passionate support, and for always demanding the best. This is New York - you deserve the best. I'm honored to join Giants Nation in a new capacity.

View photos from the career of two-time Super Bowl champion long snapper and special teams captain Zak Deossie.

To my NFLPA colleagues: thank you for your noble work advocating for players' rights, and for the privilege of serving with you for the last decade.

To Brown University and Phillips Academy Andover: thank you for how you celebrated me not only as a football player, but also as a student and a person.

To Katie, my amazing wife, and our two beautiful boys: thank you, for everything. Win, lose, or draw, the biggest privilege has always been, and always will be, coming home to you.

To Dad: thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to make this journey, and especially this moment, mean so much. You have been the best mentor, advocate, and friend through it all. Three rings for the DeOssies (so far) - but we have so much more than that to celebrate together, in the past and going forward.

To Mom and my sisters: thank you for all of your sacrifices to allow for this knuckle-head to chase his dream for so long. We have so many great memories, but only better ones to look forward to.

To my family and friends: thank you for your endless support, screaming your hearts out at games, for your texts and calls in wins and losses, and for teaching your friends what a long snapper is. You're the real MVPs.

Head down, hands steady, produce results. I learned from my time with the Giants that hard work pays off. As I walk away from the game as a player, I thankfully get to keep that mentality - and I'm excited to bring it to my new role in Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs. I have had the tremendous opportunity to work and learn at GS in my off-seasons, and am thrilled to be re-joining my team to deliver championship-level energy, effort, consistency, and results.

Thank you all. Go Giants!

- #51


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