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3 things we learned from media hour

Before practice today, coach Pat Shurmur, running back Saquon Barkley and safety Landon Collins spoke to the media. This is what you need to know from the pressers:

1. Landon Collins is ready to go. At the end of last season, Landon Collins went on the IR with a fractured right forearm. Following the season, he had a second surgery that limited him in the spring. Now coming into day two of training camp, Collins is feeling good. "The arm is 100 percent. I would like to say 110 percent, but the reality is it's 100 percent," Collins said.

Since being drafted out of Alabama in 2015, Collins has played a prominent role on the defense and has proven that he is one of the top safeties in the league.

"There are a lot of great safeties out there. I look up to them all and its vice versa, we all play great ball," Collins said. "At the end of the day I'm going to always say I'm the best because I feel that way. I feel like I can be one of the best or I am the best."

2. Engram playing at a top level. The former first-round draft pick continues to get better each and every day. Through two days of training camp, tight end Evan Engram has looked at his best. Rookie Saquon Barkley has especially been impressed with his teammate.

"That guy is someone who, obviously everyone is impressive, but that's somebody who has stood out to me and caught my attention," Barkley said. "He's like a wide receiver out there."

With his big frame, Engram has been able to go up and get balls over defenders. That makes him a tough matchup on a defensive standpoint, which helps Collins work on his craft going up against him everyday.

"It helps me a lot. That's one of the tight ends that's going to be phenomenal. He is faster than most guys I have faced, knows how to run routes and can get separation," Collins said. "I make that a big part of my training going against him everyday to really step my game up so when I do play those top tight ends we will face this year I make sure they get no catches."

3. The offense is looking quite versatile. One thing that has been discussed through the first two days of camp has been the wide receivers being able to play any spot on the field. Coach Pat Shurmur believes that will be a key in developing the offense into a threat.

"Being able to put a player, a specific player in different spots, I think it's important and I do feel like that puts a little pressure on the defense. They at least got to have a meeting and decide how to cover a certain player," Shurmur said. "But you can't just do that game week, you have to train that throughout and its really got to be part of your DNA."

Even Landon Collins believes the sky is the limit for the offense.

"We have all the guys, all the attributes we need for offense and now we just have to put it together. They are doing great right now, as we saw after the first day they are catching everything and turning short gains into long gains, it's going good."