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7 takeaways from Media Hour (8/5)


  1. Coach Tom Coughlin began today's team meeting by talking about RB David Wilson.**


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The day after Wilson was advised he should no longer play football due to a spine and neck condition, Coughlin talked to his team about the news, relaying the message of a meeting between the head coach and running back. "The fact that he didn't want pity, didn't want anybody feeling sorry for him," Coughlin said. "I thought that was a key and the way he left the office talking about 'Once a Giants, always a Giant,' really helped me. He helped me. David Wilson walked into my office and helped me understand and accept the fact that he was not going to be able to play anymore. I tried to relay all of that to our team."

2. LB Jameel McClain can relate to Wilson's condition.
McClain, who suffered a season-ending spinal cord contusion in 2012 with the Baltimore Ravens, said Tuesday that he was born with spinal stenosis and that could have contributed to his injury, from which he has recovered. "I told [Wilson] in the locker room when I first came here, 'I had exactly what you had and I understand,'" McClain said. "We talked over time with that. My thoughts and prayers are with him 100 percent."

3. No one was surprised by how well RB Andre Williams played.
The fourth-round draft pick grabbed everyone's attention with seven rushes for 48 yards and a touchdown in the preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills, shocking no one on the team. "Well, that was what we expected," Coughlin said. "That's why we drafted him." Williams was also asked if he was surprised. "I don't think I was surprised," he said. "Coaches tell you all the time that you play how you practice." He practices well.

4. Safety Nat Berhe is "The Missile."
Safeties coach David Merritt said the fifth-round draft choice is called "The Missile" around the facility because of the way he attacks every play. Meanwhile, Merritt was also asked if anyone stood out to him against the Bills, and he pointed out second-year pro Cooper Taylor, who had eight tackles and an interception.

5. DRC is what he's made out to be.
Cornerbacks coach Peter Giunta was asked if Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, a headliner of the Giants' offseason acquisitions, is everything he expected him to be through the first few weeks of training camp and the preseason opener. "Yeah. He has great physical skill, great coverage skills, and he is getting better and more comfortable with the other guys in the defensive scheme and he is working hard to perfect his press technique," Giunta said. "Once he can add putting his hands on people on the line of scrimmage -- because he has great quickness with his hands and feet -- once he does that, it will be tough to battle against him."

6. Will Beatty did not have a setback.
Left tackle Will Beatty (leg) was one of several players who did not make the trip to Canton, Ohio, for the Hall of Fame Game against the Bills this past weekend. But that was the plan all along as Beatty comes back from a fractured leg, which he suffered in the 2013 season finale. "Beatty's not out," Coughlin said. "This was a plan. It was a plan that Beatty wouldn't play in the opening game, just like it was a plan that [cornerback Trumaine] McBride and a couple of others, [offensive lineman Eric] Herman, wouldn't play in this game. [Beatty] didn't do anything to set himself back."

7. Tablets are becoming a good tool on the sideline during games.
Three-ring binders have taken another hit. You may have noticed the Giants coaching staff using tablets in Sunday's game to relay images and information to players on the sideline. They're not going away. "We had our video guy come in during the week and give us like a little five-minute, 10-minute presentation on it," wide receivers coach Sean Ryan said. "We messed around with it a little bit but certainly as the game went on, you got more comfortable with it. I think it's going to be a real good tool as coaches and players get more comfortable with it."

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