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Presser Points: Takeaways from Brian Daboll's introduction

The New York Giants introduced Brian Daboll as their new head coach on Monday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. The former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator met with the media for the first time and laid out his vision for Big Blue. President John Mara and new general manager Joe Schoen also spoke to reporters.

Here is everything you need to know from the day:

🔹 Schoen introduced Daboll at the podium, starting off by saying they brought the Buffalo weather with them. "I'd like to start off by thanking all the service workers, the first responders, emergency workers from this weekend," Schoen said. "This was my first Nor'easter I've been a part of. Obviously, Dabes (Brian Daboll) and I brought the Buffalo weather over here, but I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all those who helped keep our community safe over the weekend and cleared the roads for us."

🔹 Schoen said they cast a wide net in the head coach search but ultimately came to the decision that Daboll is the right man for the Giants "in the 2022 season and beyond." He added, "Brian's ability to develop young players, his leadership qualities, his football acumen, his communication skills and his ability to bring an organization together were all traits that really stood out."

🔹 Hired a week after Schoen, who was assistant general manager for the Bills, Daboll drove through a snowstorm after being hired on Friday night. One of the few people in the building was quarterback Daniel Jones, who enters his fourth season with his third head coach. Daboll, who developed Josh Allen in Buffalo, said it's going to be a day-to-day process with Jones.

"He's got the right mindset," Daboll said. "He's got good size. There's a lot of things to like about Daniel and we'll just take it one day at a time. We'll work with him. We'll help him get better. We'll help him be a better leader. We'll help him be everything. That's our job as a coaching staff and as an organization. It takes everybody. It's not just me. It's the rest of the coaches on our staff. It's the scouts. It's the support staff. It's the ownership group. It takes a lot to raise a quarterback if you will and he's been around the block here these last three years with some different pieces. We're going to try to give him some stability and just take it from there."

🔹 Like Schoen, Daboll learned the importance of aligning the entire building during his time with the Buffalo Bills. That has been a common theme after president John Mara thought it necessary to hit the "reset button" following the 2021 season. "When you're not aligned," Daboll said, "that's when things start going astray."

🔹 Daboll and Schoen confirmed the reports that they will retain defensive coordinator Patrick Graham if he does not get the head coach job in Minnesota. Graham also interviewed for the Giants' head coaching vacancy. "I think he's still in the mix," Schoen said of the Vikings job. "Last I'd heard he's in the mix for that. I'll tell you what, I didn't know Patrick Graham and we interviewed him for this head coaching job, and I did my research on him and there's a lot of positive feedback throughout the league, not only in the building, but around the league on Patrick. He had been at Note Dame, he had been at New England, Green Bay, Miami. Just spending three hours with him in an interview setting, he's passionate, very high football acumen, he got me fired up in the interview. He did a really good job, so if he gets that Minnesota job, that's great for him. Selfishly, I would love to keep him here because I'm fired up to work with him because I think he's a good ball coach."

Daboll said, "I've had a good relationship with Pat for some time in this league. He's very diligent. He's smart. I think the players respect him. He understands different defenses and I have a good working relationship with him. I did when I was back at New England. Certainly, we hope that he has an opportunity to become a head coach. I think that's everybody's dream, but selfishly, I would love him to be here. He offers a lot to our program. I think he'd be a great support system for me and I'm hoping that that works out."

🔹 Daboll coached under Bill Belichick and Nick Saban, two of the greatest coaches in sports history, but said he learned you have to be "authentic" in this business. "Just be yourself," he said. "The players will see right through you if you're not." Daboll admitted he wasn't that way early in his career when he was a grad assistant for Saban at Michigan State.

🔹 Daboll said he is not going to make any promises when asked about building the Giants into a contender right away. "Let's start crawling before we can walk." Daboll said he was itching to get back to his office and start hiring people to fill out his staff.

🔹 Daboll said everything is on the table in terms of whether he will call plays or not. It will depend on the offensive coordinator he ends up hiring. Daboll also said he's not afraid to hire a first-time play-caller if he's the right fit.

🔹 Daboll said the "schemes are going to be what the players are best at."

🔹 Daboll joked in the middle of the press conference that it must be going well as he noticed his 4-year-old fell asleep. Daboll and his wife, Beth, have six children ranging from 4 to turning 22.

🔹 Mara said Daboll is "very genuine" and "down to earth." He's also "inspiring." Asked if he's too nice, Mara said Daboll is tough when he needs to be. He learned that by doing his research on him.

🔹 Now that they firmed up the head coach and general manager, Mara was asked if he can take a rest now. "I'm not going to rest until we start winning games," he said.


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