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Presser Points: Coach Daboll on offseason progress

Coach Brian Daboll addressed the media before the Giants' second-to-last practice of organized team activities (OTAs). After they wrap up on Friday, they will then hold a three-day mandatory minicamp next week and then break until training camp.

Here is everything you need to know from Thursday's presser:

🔹 Daboll said they're currently holding a lot of meetings to discuss the logistics of the first training camp under the new regime. That includes the possibility of holding joint practices with another club. "Maybe, maybe not. That's the best answer I can give you. I don't have anything concrete. … We're still talking about that. Again, being in the league as long as I've been, I've seen it a bunch of different ways. We're not at that point yet."

🔹 As for next week's minicamp, it will be "a little bit longer" than OTA practices. "We'll do an extra walk-through with the practice, but it's not going to be over the top. Again, no pads on. Player safety is important to us. Will be in a little bit longer meetings, but not too much. Fairly similar."

🔹 Daboll was asked about rookie tight end Austin Allen, who went undrafted out of Nebraska. "He's got a lot to learn. Big-body guy. Fit right in with the rest of the guys. But long way to go."

🔹 Daboll talked about the importance of building camaraderie at this time of the year. "I think it's really important because you're going to have to weather the storms. … I think the guys, really it's the guys, it's their football team, the players. You try to do the best job you can in leading, putting a good culture together, bringing in the right kind of people, then let those guys take it over."

🔹 After the draft, Daboll said they had a very clear vision for wide receiver Wan'Dale Robinson, a second-round draft choice. One of the things that attracted him to the Giants was his versatility. So, how do you balance not giving him too much at OTAs? "You don't. Throw a lot at him. … He can handle it. He's smart. It was part of the evaluation process in terms of getting ready for the draft with the position coaches and the coordinators of really trying to teach these guys as much as we can in that process to see what they can grasp, how smart they are, along with all the other evaluation tools you use: going to the school, talking to people. We place a high premium on intelligent players. He's certainly one of them."

🔹 Guard Shane Lemieux has been practicing fully after suffering a knee injury last summer, which eventually ended his season altogether. Daboll said the Bills liked him too coming out of the draft. "He's a tough, smart, dependable guy. Plays with a nasty edge, which you need up front. Did a really good job in the meetings that we had with him leading up to the draft when I was in Buffalo. He's done a really nice job here. He's smart. He's what I thought he was when we evaluated him. Now when the pads get on, he'll have an opportunity to show that."

🔹 Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen were once again among a Giants contingent at Wednesday's Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden, where the Rangers took Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the two-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning. "It's been a fun team to watch and follow. The great thing about sports is they just keep coming back, so kind of get attached to them."

🔹 Daboll has become somewhat of a good luck charm for the Rangers at home, but he said give Schoen a lot of credit too. "They must like bald guys," Daboll said of being shown on the video boards at games. "But no, Joe has been there for a bunch of games, as well. In fact, we brought some of the coaches. Coaches want to go, too. We go each game, the ones we can. A few weeks ago we went to one of the games, and I said, who wants to go to the game, with the coaches, almost all of them raised their hand. You do the third grade thing, put your name on a piece of paper, throw it in a hat, pick it out, whoever gets it gets to go."

🔹 Left tackle Andrew Thomas and rookie edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux have been wearing red non-contact jerseys at practice as they rehab injuries. "Look, the guys are still in red jerseys, they're rehabbing. When they're ready to go, they'll be ready to go."

🔹 On Thomas, Daboll said, "He's doing a good job. Everything we've asked him to do rehab-wise, really all the guys, they're doing what they can do. When they're ready to go, they'll be ready to go."

🔹 On Thibodeaux, Daboll said, "Knock on wood, hopefully he'll be good to go [for training camp]. … I'm not expecting him to be out of a red jersey today. We'll just start with today. We'll see next week how it goes. There's a lot of things that can happen over the weekend."

View photos from the ninth OTA practice at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center on Thursday.


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