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CB Aaron Ross - 4/18


Q: Does it seem like you never left**
A: It seems like I never left. The guys are treating me just like I never left. Everything just seems great. My jersey is still the same one that I had. Everything is great.

Q: When you are away from the team for a year and you come, does it give you a different perspective of the organization
A: I think so. I missed the guys, I missed the coaches, I missed the organization and it seems like everybody else missed me just as well so it seems like a mutual thing. It brings a smile to my face when I came in knowing that it wasn't just me that was missing the Giants. It was vice-versa.

Q: What type of role will you play for the Giants this year
A: Hopefully being a vet I can just bring leadership and talk to the younger guys letting them know that we just have to keep working and execute our plays. Just the whole locker room atmosphere… I think a lot goes along with winning other than being on the field; just the camaraderie of the players on and off the field.

Q: Do you feel you still have a lot to give on the field
A: Of course. I'm a player. I'm very competitive. I haven't really talked to the coaches about what my role would be. I'm just excited to be back and whatever my role is going to be that's what I'm going to do to the fullest.

Q: You went from a team that won the Super Bowl to a team that went 2-14. What was that like
A: It was tough, but I really appreciate that organization. They gave me a second chance to stay in the league and play the game that I love. They allowed me to go to London and see my baby and they accepted me and her in Jacksonville with open arms. I don't regret making the decision that I made, but I am happy to be home where I feel like I belong.

Q: Do you see yourself in a veteran leadership role
A: I do. I feel like I'm already taking some of the younger guys under my wing and just teaching them the little things that they may not know like myself. R.W. and Sam did a great job with me and Corey and Terrell Thomas just taking us in and showing us the ropes.


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