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One word to describe the first month of the Giants' new regime

John Schmeelk: This is a tough one since the new regime primarily was focused on hiring the coaching staff and making some periphery moves to fill out the roster with futures contracts. So, let's go with "humble".

The personalities of both Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll are very down to earth. Some people in authority thrive on making people nervous around them, while others thrive on making others feel like they are very approachable. Both methods work. Bill Parcells and Tom Coughlin were not people you'd start a casual conversation with and expect them to take a lot of time for a normal chat. There was an edge there, and both men were great leaders. If Tom Coughlin asked someone to do something they did it, and as he got to know someone better, the relationship shifted.

From the get-go, Schoen and Daboll have been extremely humble. Daboll has been a bit self-effacing and willing to poke fun at himself publicly. Schoen has projected a calm and professional attitude that is very welcoming. Neither has made it seem like they have all the answers, rather have made it clear they will make the best decisions possible with the information they have.

Both have also seem to embrace some of the modern principles of the NFL. They understand it is shifting to a passing league and with the draft as imprecise as it is, maximizing the chance for success by acquiring as many picks as possible for a struggling franchise might be the best idea. By the way, this is not a commentary on the previous regime - Dave Gettlemen and Joe Judge earned a lot of respect for how they did their jobs.

Lance Medow: One word to use is "practical" and that's mainly a product of making no bold declarations or actions over the course of the first month. Since Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll took over, they've acknowledged it will be a challenge to turn things around and it won't be accomplished overnight. It's also why their top priority has been to round out a staff to help accomplish that feat. Schoen brought in Brandon Brown from the Eagles as an assistant general manager and Daboll has surrounded himself with individuals he has previously worked with or has connections to as well as new voices from around the league with fresh perspectives.

Schoen attended the Senior Bowl as he looks to compare his notes with the scouting department in the process leading up to the draft. One of the things Schoen noted when he recently met with the media is that he was already doing a great deal of prep work for the Bills draft and had helped orchestrate the first four rounds of their board, so that knowledge will be beneficial in developing a game plan for the Giants. With limited activities on the NFL calendar over the past 30 days, there's only so much that can be accomplished; but it's really been business as usual without any flavor or flare - and that's a practical approach. You don't win football games by attempting to conquer press conferences in January. In this league, actions and results speak much louder than words and that will be the ultimate measuring stick.

Matt Citak: 'Encouraging.' If there's something the Giants' new regime has provided fans in the first month of their tenure, it's hope and encouragement. From the process the organization followed to hire GM Joe Schoen to the assembling of head coach Brian Daboll's coaching staff, it's hard not to feel excited about the Giants' new direction the Giants. Both Schoen and Daboll come from Buffalo, where the duo played major roles in helping the Bills secure playoff berths in each of the last three seasons. The pair have already begun to bring some of those winning methods to East Rutherford, including the onboarding of coaches and front office personnel from other organizations around the league in order to provide the Giants with some fresh outlooks.

With free agency just a few weeks away, we are approaching the time when Schoen and Daboll will have some tough decisions to make regarding the roster. Getting the Giants into a healthy cap situation will be the first big task for the new regime, and will serve as a crucial factor in how the team approaches free agency once the new league year begins. However, the most important measurement for Schoen and Daboll won't come until September when the regular season kicks off. But through the first month of this new era of Giants football, it's so far, so good.

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