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Fact or Fiction: Predictions for Week 14


The crew is presented with four statements and must decide whether they are Fact or Fiction.

The Eagles' defense is a tougher matchup than their offense

John Schmeelk: Fiction – This is close … VERY close. The Eagles' pass rush is excellent, and second only to the Cowboys in most metrics. Their pair of cornerbacks might be the best in football. But they do not have the same star power and linebacker and safety, partly because of injury. The offense, however…. Whew. The Eagles have one of the best offensive lines in the league. Quarterback Jalen Hurts has developed into a strong passer to complement his already dangerous running ability. AJ Brown is a legitimate No. 1 wide receiver, while Devonta Smith has the talent to be one, too. Aside from Dallas Goedert being hurt, it is hard to find a weakness. This team will provide the biggest challenge the Giants will face all season.

Dan Salomone: Fact – Defensively, they rank first or second in total yards, passing, sacks, takeaways, and yards per play. The Giants, meanwhile, have averaged just 19 points over their last five games, a stretch that included three losses and a tie.

Lance Medow: Fiction – Let me preface my response by saying both facets are challenging to contain and you can easily make a case for each side, but the offense stands out a bit more. It's so fluid week to week, that it's hard to get a good read on how they'll look to set the tone game to game. Case in point, two weeks ago against the Packers, the Eagles ran for 363 yards only to then throw for 386 yards the following week against the Titans. Jalen Hurts is the ideal embodiment of a dual-threat quarterback and his skillset creates many headaches.

Matt Citak: Fiction – This is no disrespect to the Eagles' defense, which ranks seventh in points allowed and second in yards allowed in addition to forcing the most turnovers in the league. But the Philly offense is operating on another level this season. Jalen Hurts has firmly planted himself in the MVP discussion, A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith are operating as one of the most productive receiver duos in the league, and Miles Sanders is having his best season yet. Oh yeah, they also have perhaps the best offensive line in the NFL, which has helped lead them to the No. 2 red zone offense. Slowing down this high-powered unit will be a tougher matchup on Sunday than moving the ball on the Eagles' defense.

Quarterbacks will account for at least 100 rushing yards on Sunday

John Schmeelk: Fact – This is an easy one. Jalen Hurts and Daniel Jones are averaging a combined 94 rushing yards per game, but my sense is that both will be heavily involved in their offenses this year running the football. The Giants play a lot of Cover-1, which means Hurts could have some room to run if he breaks contain on pass plays. Jones has always had success running it against the Eagles. Their pass rush likes to get upfield, so he might be able to scramble on passing downs. They will also aggressively flow towards Saquon Barkley, which should open up the run game.

Dan Salomone: Fact – Daniel Jones and Jalen Hurts have the ability to hit that mark on just two runs combined. It also looks like it will be cold and wet conditions on Sunday. There will be a lot of running.

Lance Medow: Fact – Jalen Hurts is averaging 51 rushing yard per game while Daniel Jones is at 44 so combined they come in just under 100 yards on the ground per contest. In the lone game last season in which both quarterbacks played, they tallied 107 rushing yards and you would expect a similar total Sunday. Both teams have struggled a bit against the run this season and a contributing factor has been mobile signal callers.

Matt Citak: Fact – Hurts is coming off one of his lowest rushing days of the year as he gained just 12 yards in last week's win over the Titans. But this performance came just one week after he carried the ball 17 times for 157 yards in Week 12, and two weeks after he registered 16 attempts for 86 yards. As for Jones, the fourth-year QB just recorded a career-high 12 rush attempts in which he gained 71 yards. It would be rather surprising if the two quarterbacks do not combine for more than 100 rushing yards this weekend.

View photos from practice as the Giants prepare for their Week 14 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Giants need to force multiple turnovers to defeat the Eagles

John Schmeelk: Fact – The Giants need to play like they did in the first half against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving for all four quarters if they want the chance to beat the Eagles on Sunday. On Thanksgiving, the Giants forced two Cowboys turnovers and a turnover on downs. The Giants led, 13-7, at halftime. They did not force another turnover the rest of the way and were outscored, 21-7, in the second half, with the final score coming in garbage time. The Giants will probably need at least three takeaways to beat Philly, which is what Washington got (they had four) when they handed Philly its only loss of the season. The Eagles own the best turnover ratio in the NFL (+13), so this will be a tough ask for the Giants.

Dan Salomone: Fiction – Obviously it helps, but the bigger variable in the Giants' winning formula this season has been not turning over the ball. They've shown they can win by taking care of the ball despite not taking it away on defense. The latter hasn't been true.

Lance Medow: Fact – The Eagles have just 10 giveaways and four of them came in their lone loss of the season against the Commanders in Week 10. That's not a coincidence. Washington dominated yhr time of possession, finished drives with touchdowns and capitalized off Philadelphia's three fumbles and an interception as the Commanders scored 16 points off those mishaps. The Giants need to force multiple turnovers but what they do with them is even more critical. Interestingly, New York has won four of its five games this season in which its collected at least two takeaways.

Matt Citak: Fact – Philadelphia comes into this game with the league's best record at 11-1. Their defense has forced the most turnovers in the NFL (22) while the offense has turned over the ball the least (10), and both units rank among the best in the league. Although the Giants are starting to get healthier as they enter the final stretch of the season, they will need to create and take advantage of as many big opportunities as they can. Forcing multiple Philadelphia turnovers will be a difficult challenge, but if they can do it, the Giants will have a solid chance at defeating the division leader.

This will be the Giants' toughest game of the season

John Schmeelk: Fact – It is difficult finding a weakness the Giants can attack on this Eagles' roster. They struggled against the run earlier in the year but then added Linval Joseph, Ndamukong Suh and got Jordan Davis back from injury; and in their last three games, they slowed down Jonathan Taylor, Aaron Jones, and Derrick Henry. They can run it on offense and make big plays through the air. Jalen Hurts has developed into a passer who can beat you through the air as easily as he can on the ground. They have a great pass rush and cover cornerbacks on defense. The Giants will be home so they have a small advantage, but this is probably still slightly more difficult than the game in Dallas on Thanksgiving.

Dan Salomone: Fiction – Despite the Eagles having beaten Minnesota, Christmas Eve on the road against the Vikings will be no picnic for the Giants. At least this Sunday's game is at home before the Giants begin a tough road stretch in Washington and Minnesota.

Lance Medow: Fact – You can put the Thanksgiving game against the Cowboys right up there as Dallas is just as balanced as the Eagles. Then, take into consideration Jalen Hurts' ability to run and Philadelphia's depth on the defensive line - this is quite the challenge in the trenches. The Eagles rank in the Top 5 in the NFL in nine major statistical categories, including total offense, points per game, total defense, red zone offense, third down efficiency, sacks and turnover differential. This is one of the most versatile teams in the league.

Matt Citak: Fact – Frankly this one isn't even close. The Eagles are the best team in the NFL and are still competing for the No. 1 seed (and bye) in the NFC. The Giants also have a matchup against the conference's No. 2 seed coming up as they will travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings in a few weeks, but they don't offer nearly the same challenges as the Eagles do.


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