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Giants Now: Darren Waller on why he wears No. 12


Darren Waller on why he wears No. 12

The Giants made several big moves this offseason, one of which was the acquisition of tight end Darren Waller.

Many in the media have praised the Giants for the trade which landed Daniel Jones with the 6-foot-6, explosive playmaker. The 30-year-old put together back-to-back seasons with over 1,100 yards from 2019-20, totaling 197 receptions for 2,341 yards and 12 touchdowns during that span. This led to him being named to the Pro Bowl in 2020.

Waller recently joined NFL Network's Mike Garafolo to discuss numerous topics.

On why he chose No. 12:

"12 is a number that has a lot of meaning to me. As somebody that's in recovery, there are certain programs that people like me are a part of and 12 is a very symbolic number. So, it's just representing people that are in sobriety."

On the coaching staff valuing player input:

"They ask me a lot of questions. Usually I'm just, I'm used to just going with the flow and doing the best with the information that's presented to us. And so it's getting me out of my comfort zone to be able to communicate with them and be like, 'Ok, yeah, this is something that I do like, this is something that I'm used to. I'm used to running it and breaking it a few yards deeper than what you guys have in.' So there's helpful discussions and there's some where it's like I say something, but we still do it the way they ask and it's all, you know, everybody going in the same direction. So I really appreciate that and that they want to know about what we think."

On the offense being more explosive:

"It's mentioned every day. Either Dabs or Kafka has mentioned it every day like this is something that we have to address, doing it early in the game, doing it on 1st and 3rd down. These are things that we need to have because they can shift the momentum of the game at any time. They can give you juice, they can light up the stadium, like it's just plays that give everybody a lot of momentum, a lot of excitement. So we need more of that because, you know, we got guys on defense getting after the passer the way they're rushing the passer late in the season. So we need to match that."

On Daniel Jones throwing more downfield:

"Oh yeah, he's launching it. He's been launching it in the spring, and guys are going to get it. Talking about Parris (Campbell), Darius Slayton. So many receivers making good plays. Jeff Smith and tight ends as well. So, we want to go get it, he wants to put it out there. We're excited about making that shift from last year and making an improvement."

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