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DE Jason Pierre-Paul keeps it simple


When the Giants enter Cowboys Stadium this weekend, Perry Fewell wants Jason Pierre-Paul to be in "the zone."

The All-Pro defensive end, however, seems to already be there. Two days before the Giants return to the site of one of their biggest wins from last season, he was reluctant to reminisce about his pivotal role in the outcome. Rather, Pierre-Paul's only concern is how he and his team will do in this week's matchup.

And don't call eight tackles, two sacks, a forced fumble, a safety and blocking the potential game-tying field goal in the closing seconds a breakout performance.

"Not at all," Pierre-Paul said Thursday, shrugging it off. "People might say that, but it wasn't. I just went out there and did my job. That's basically it. The other players will tell you that."

The rest of Pierre-Paul's responses during his media availability were full of "I don't know" or "I don't remember" or "I'm just out there playing football."

That's the way Pierre-Paul likes it. In a complicated league, the 23-year-old keeps it simple and only looks forward to improving every week. His defensive coordinator, though, doesn't mind patting him on the back for the 37-34 victory in Dallas last December.

Someone has to.

"I thought he dominated," Fewell said Thursday. "He totally dominated the football game. It was one of those games where he was on. It seems like…I was watching just recently where he had a sack for a safety in the ball game, he had another sack on a three-man rush in the ball game and he blocked a field goal in the game. It seems like every run play he was there to make a tackle. I think he just played at a high level and he was in one of those zones that he just played lights out. I'm just hoping we can put him back into that zone when we go back into that stadium and he can play that way again."

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