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Eisen's Mailbag: Is Louis Murphy a slot WR?

Is Louis Murphy more of a slot receiver or more of an outside receiver?

Dear Dylan:
Murphy has outstanding speed and is well-suited to playing outside. He is officially listed as a split end on the Giants' roster. But if playing the slot is a way for him to get on the field, I'm sure Murphy would gladly do it.

We know that Coach Coughlin does not trust rookies all that much, but do you see an expanded role this upcoming season for second-year players like David Wilson, Rueben Randle, Jayron Hosley and Adrien Robinson?

Dear Vincent:
Coach trusts players – not just rookies - when they earn that trust. I think the first two players on your list will have much larger roles in 2013. Wilson will be the starting running back and could remain as the kickoff returner. Randle could be the third receiver and receive extensive playing time. Hosley could be on the field more often, provided he beats out Aaron Ross for the No. 3 cornerback job. Robinson seldom suited up last season and still has Bear Pascoe and Brandon Myers in front of him. He's certainly much-improved, but how much addition playing time he receives remains to be seen.

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