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Eisen's Mailbag: Starting left tackle




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Do you think Will Beatty will get back his job as the starting left tackle or will Sean Locklear be there for the foreseeable future?

Frankly, I expect Beatty to step back into the starting lineup once he proved to the coaches his back was healthy. But it appears such a move isn't imminent. Tom Coughlin said yesterday, "There will be no change there unless I let you know." So it appears Beatty will continue to play primarily as an extra tight end until further notice.

Everybody is talking about our lack of a pass rush vs. Dallas, but I'm just as worried about the defensive backs. The secondary didn't play well against the Cowboys. Do you think we'll see some adjustments this week?

I don't know about adjustments, but I think two factors will be key in improving the play in the secondary. First, I believe Corey Webster will play better. Tom Coughlin and Perry Fewell both said Webster did not play his best against Dallas. Webster is too good a player to stay down for long. Also, Prince Amukamara should start at right corner. No disrespect to Michael Coe, but Amukamara was a first-round draft choice because he's very talented. His presence will upgrade the secondary. I think the entire unit will rebound on Sunday vs. Tampa Bay.

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