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Giants Now: What's new with Eli Manning?


What's new with Eli Manning?

It's been a big week for legendary Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

On Thursday, the trailer for season two of the Eli Manning Show was released. On the same day, ESPN announced that the ManningCast will kick off with the Week 1 Monday night matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

Eli and Peyton, along with ESPN, took to Twitter for a comical way of announcing their return.

Additionally, the media was in the Giants locker room for the first time in over two years Thursday, where they saw a new addition- a plaque dedicated to Manning above the locker he used throughout his time with the franchise.

Finally, Eli went on Twitter to talk about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which began on Thursday.

Check out the latest with Eli Manning below.

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