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Fact or Fiction: Toughest matchup after the bye?


Indianapolis is the best team the Giants face after the bye week.**

MICHAEL EISEN: Fiction -Yes, I know the Colts have won five in a row and the Seahawks have lost their last two. But I'm still choosing Seattle. The Seahawks are in a mini-slump that shouldn't last, because they have too much talent. They know how to win. They're trailing in the NFC West, so they're desperate. And they'll be at home when they face the Giants. Given those circumstances, Seattle is the best team the Giants will face the rest of the season.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact -Everyone knew that with Andrew Luck, the Colts would be a good offensive team this year. Ahmad Bradshaw has provided balance in the running game, and T.Y. Hilton is breaking out. But it is the defense that has been most impressive. After their shutout of the Bengals last week, the Colts are the third-ranked defense in the league in terms of yards allowed and fourth in points allowed. They might be the most complete team in the league, spare the Denver Broncos.

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -It's not always about the quarterback, but in this case, it is. He's the best one left on the schedule as the Colts have the No. 1 passing attack in the NFL. Their running game isn't bad, either, averaging 123.3 yards per game (12th). The defense is also becoming a strength and is allowing just 311.1 yards per game, good for third in the NFL. They're putting it all together this season.

WR Odell Beckham Jr. will lead the Giants in receiving touchdowns at the end of the season.


MICHAEL EISEN: Fact - **Beckham should have a breakout second half of the season. Eli Manning will look for him more frequently. Beckham has the speed to get open down the field and the elusiveness to catch a short pass and take it to the house. Beckham could become Victor Cruz circa 2011.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact -With Victor Cruz out, I believe Beckham is the best receiver on the team already. No one creates as much separation, has better hands, or has as much big-play ability. Put all that together, and he will lead the team in receiving touchdowns. Larry Donnell will be a close second due to his size in the red zone.

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -Three touchdowns in three games is as impressive as it comes for a rookie making his debut. He knows how to get open, he has shown he can make tough catches, and his ceiling will only become higher as he continues to develop in Victor Cruz's absence.

The game you're most interested in watching over the Giants' bye week is Philadelphia at Arizona.


MICHAEL EISEN: Fact - **Since the Giants lost to each team, no matter who wins, it helps in one respect, but hurts in another. A close second is Indianapolis at Pittsburgh, because the Giants first game after the bye is against the Colts. Let's hope that's a tough, physical, overtime game.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction -Broncos-Chargers, Thursday night football. Two of the top teams in the same division going up against each other with two quarterbacks at the top of their games: doesn't get any better than this.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -For Giants fans, you're keeping an eye on NFC East teams every week, so this is nothing special. That's why I'm going with Green Bay vs. New Orleans on Sunday night. I don't think anyone is sure what these NFC powers are yet this season, and the Giants could be in a race with them down the stretch for any potential Wild Card spots.

The Super Bowl is more exciting than a Game 7 of the World Series.

MICHAEL EISEN: How about Faction? Or Fict? -Hard to make a blanket statement on that one. Some Super Bowls are thrilling, some not so much. The same is true of World Series Game 7s. It depends on the individual game. If I could watch only one and had to choose before I knew which teams would be participating, I'd pick the Super Bowl – and hope the Giants are in it.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction -HOWEVER – it obviously depends on the quality of the teams and the game. But with all things being equal, I think baseball creates a little more drama since literally every pitch in Game 7 of the World Series can determine the game. There is no clock in baseball, so there's no running out the clock – only 27 outs. The amount of stress, excitement, anxiety and exhilaration as a pitcher goes to 3-2 on a batter with the bases loaded and the winning run on second is tough to beat. The slower pace actually adds to the drama of the game rather than detracting from it.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -What baseball has going for it is what it often gets criticized for: it's a long story. And the World Series epitomizes that. If it does go the distance, you have six chapters to familiarize yourself with all the different characters and storylines before the epic conclusion. In the Super Bowl, you could blink and the thing would be over. Just look at last year with Seattle vs. Denver.

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