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G Chris Snee - 4/18


Q: How are you?**
A: I'm good. I've been working out. I can't do everything, but I'm doing enough where I'm sweating and just being in there with the guys is a good feeling and it all points to one goal. It's exciting. The first day is like the first day of school. Everyone is excited to be here and we all have the same goal in mind.

Q: How optimistic are you in your recovery that you'll be able to go this summer?
A: You know me. I'll be out there. That's not a concern with me. I'm just concerned with the overall body strength and health and at this point I feel really good. I'm very pleased with how the surgery went. I think Dr. (Bryan) Kelly did a great job and our medical staff here has done a great job with getting me through this one.

Q: What are your thoughts about what happened in Boston?
A: It's just sad. It's a shame that we have to worry about events like this happening on a day in Boston with such tradition and such meaning. I watched the Bruins game last night and almost came to tears with the pre-game ceremony. That city will rally and everyone will rally and unify. 

Q: What's it like coming to work every day in the shadow of where the Super Bowl is going to be played? Does that change your perspective at all?
A: No. We're all aware of where it's played. When we came in here on Monday or any Monday for the first day of the offseason program it's always with that goal of playing in the Super Bowl. So this year just happens to be at MetLife and obviously we're aware that no team has ever played in their home stadium, but that doesn't change our goal at all. We're an excited bunch here and we've had enthusiastic workouts so far. The goal is always in our mind.

Q: When you saw Cullen Jenkins, did you feel the urge to slam into each other?
A: They brought in Patterson, too, so I have two guys that I've had plenty of battles with. We've already talked about just the number of head to head matchups we've had over the years and it's always good when we bring a defensive lineman from one of your rivals onto your squad. It was the same thing when Canty came over a few years ago. Anytime you can weaken your opponent and the other thing is now I have no one really to talk to. I like to have casual conversations during the games. Some of those young guys in Philadelphia might not want to talk to me.

Q: Do you feel like you've upgraded your defensive line with these two guys?
A: I think they're a tremendous addition. I was in here getting treatment when Cullen was in here and when he walked up I remember saying to a few guys that I hope we sign him because he's a big man who can rush the quarterback, explosive and then that allows you to keep other guys on the edge where they're more comfortable. I think any time you add a big guy that can rush it's just another guy that's a part of that d-line rotation. It's tough. We moan every training camp about the depth and how they just rotate guys in and out. Now they have two more. So maybe I'll try to wait til the second or third week to come back.


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