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Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Diehl still not ready?
A: He's working. We'll see about the ready part. He's working.

Q: What has happened to Blackmon since last week?
A: He's made progress, but not as fast as we'd like.

Q: How much different will the passing game be this week now that the receivers have had more time to work?
A: Well, yeah, as I say, we plan and then we see what we need to do, then we're aware of the personnel involved and we try to make sure that the individuals have on their plate what they can handle, so that'll be what you'll see.

Q: What is Brandon Banks doing as a rookie this season?
A: Running past everybody. Going towards the endzone faster than I would like to comment on. They count on field position with him. They had one called back last week when they had the lead in the fourth quarter. He's done a nice job.

Q: Is he the kind of return guy that can change the way you punt to him?
A: We've seen so many outstanding returners this year that it's – every week is a strategic plan in trying to make sure you control.

Q: How would you evaluate how you guys have done on the kick return coverage?
A: We're like third in the league. That speaks for itself.

Q: Have guys grasped it more lately? They seemed to struggle a little at the beginning of the year.
A: Well, we've added guys, too. Jason Pierre-Paul, Tollefson, so you have some bigger bodies that draw more attention. I think that the guys we count on have come along and gotten better, we've added some speed out there, but every week it's a real challenge.

Q: What sort of progress has Terrell Thomas made this year?
A: He's made good progress. He's competitive, he's gritty, he battles you and he's been a guy we can count on, he has a great attitude about the game.

Q: Is there something in his game this year that wasn't there last year?
A: No. Just advancement, development and I just think it's that experience.

Q: Were you disappointed with Antrel's comments yesterday?
A: I'm not even going to comment on that. I believe that I didn't see it, but I understand that he made a statement of apology and I don't have anything to add.

Q: Have you ever had any linemen who are eligible receivers lobby for a pass?
A: Absolutely. Richie (Seubert), every week. Oh, my God. You know what the worst part about it is? If he's playing that one tight end position, Eli throws it to him on Friday. Every Friday he hits him with it.

Q: Can he catch them?
A: Yeah, he can catch.

Q: What would it take to try it in a game?
A: Lots of courage.

Q: How much can you glean from a guy like Devin Thomas when he comes in?
A: You asked that but there were really no discussions with Devin this week at all. He didn't volunteer and I don't think we went to him. I didn't go to him, I'll say that.

Q: Any update on Shawn Andrews?
A: Andrews? No. Still struggling.

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