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Giants wrap up Rookie Training Camp

Rookies and select veterans take the field for Rookie Training Camp

The rookie and "select veteran" workouts are all wrapped up with the first full training camp practice on Thursday. They were far from full practices with only a few competitive sessions with the offense going against the defense.

•I was excited to see Sam Beal out there for the first time after the Giants selected him in the supplemental draft. He looks the part of an outside corner. He's long and has speed to carry receivers down the field. His excitement to show the coaches what he could do was obvious on the field.

• It was also great to see Avery Moss out there, who missed spring workouts due to injury. He showed the quick first step that had the Giants excited when they drafted him. I'm looking forward to seeing him on the field with the full team in training camp.

• Two receivers jumped out to me over the course of the three days: Jawill Davis and Alonzo Russell. Both caught a couple passes down the field after getting behind defenders.

• Davis Webb dropped a couple of dimes on deep balls down the sideline during Wednesday's session. He hit Davis and Shepard in perfect stride down the field.

• BJ Hill was having fun with a little competition with the other defensive linemen. For defensive linemen to work on their bend and turning the corner, they run around a large rubber circle as they tilt their body to move as quickly as possible. No one was faster than Hill in completing the drill amongst the interior defensive linemen.

• It was a good start for the youngsters so they can hit the field running when the intensity ramps up for training camp for Thursday's first practice.

Rookie and select veterans reported for Rookie Training Camp and took to the practice field Monday