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Giants Now: ESPN bullish on Giants' future


ESPN's Jeremy Fowler bullish on Giants' future

The Giants surprised a lot of people outside of 1925 Giants Drive with their performance throughout the 2022 campaign.

In the first season under GM Joe Schoen and coach Brian Daboll, the Giants won nine games and clinched their first postseason berth since 2016. They would go on to win their first playoff game since Super Bowl XLVI with their Wild Card win over the Minnesota Vikings.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler recently published his NFL overhaul tiers, which represents his ranking of the state of all 32 teams. As Fowler writes, "To get a better sense of how the league stacks up right now, we tiered all 32 teams based on their current trajectory."

The ESPN senior NFL reporter was bullish on the Giants, placing them in the "Headed in the Right Direction" category.

"I would say it was a good season for us in many different ways," Schoen said in his end of season press conference alongside Daboll. "When you come in when I did in January, you're trying to get to know the roster, trying to get to know the players. Dabs had a very good plan in terms of the offseason, the OTAs, to bring the players together and start to develop that culture and comradery amongst the team. I thought that carried over to our fast start early in the season.

"The start we got off to was good. I think some of the positives were some young players got to experience success that maybe they haven't in the past and how you handle that. And we had a little bit of a lull, I would say, after the bye week, and also allowed some of our young players to learn how to overcome adversity and steady the ship. And we did that down the road and were able to win a playoff game. A lot of young players were able to get playoff experience. So, all in all, a lot of those lessons learned throughout the season will hopefully continue to help us moving forward. The foundation has been set, and I think some of those experiences that the players were able to go through this year will just allow us to build moving forward."

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