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Jon Beason expects high-tempo practices vs. Bengals



CINCINNATI –** Jon Beason believes it's imperative the Giants make the most of their two joint practices with the Cincinnati Bengals.

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"This trip costs us a lot of money," Beason said before practice No. 1. "We had to get on a plane, and we're staying in a hotel, we moved our whole camp up here for a few days. So we want to get something out of it. I've been told the Redskins and the Texans had to part ways (because of fighting). So now we're just practicing in Cincy, for what? We want to go against them, a worthy opponent, and try to get better."

Beason is a nine-year veteran, but he places himself firmly in that group. He was limited to four games last season because of a toe injury that required surgery, but is ready to work against the Bengals without limitations.

"Obviously, the tempo will be picked up because you're going against somebody else you don't know," he said. "You want to establish that you are a tough outfit, and I'm sure they want to do the same thing."

Beason said Cincinnati's offense will provide a stiff test for the Giants defense.

"We're going up against a worthy opponent," he said. "Four years in a row they've been in the playoffs. I think they are number two in rushing, so it's a great challenge for us up front, we obviously want to stop the run. You just want to get something out of this.

"I don't know that we have anything to prove to ourselves, but I think we need to go into this practice with the mentality that we are a great group. We are physically imposing, we're tough, we're relentless, we know what's going on. Guys are going to be accountable to just doing their job. And just try and give them a great look as well."

These are the first two-team practices of Beason's career, so he is eager to see how the players come to an agreement on the field regarding the ferocity of contact.

"We call it a brother-in-law," Beason said. "When you're practicing against your own team, obviously you have relationships with the guys across the ball. Sometimes, that's your boy, you don't go quite as hard. Automatically, without a shadow of a doubt, the level is picked up when it's an opposing team; it's a different uniform, you don't know those guys. You want them to say after this play is over or after the day is over, 'Hey, I respect that guy and I respect this team. They know how to practice, they know how to get after it.'"

The Giants and Bengals will practice today and tomorrow on the fields outside Paul Brown Stadium. After working separately on Thursday, they will meet Friday in the opening preseason game. For veterans like Beason, most of this week's heavy lifting will be in practice.

"I've actually thought about that," he said. "It's like, 'Oh, I better get my work today and tomorrow, because I know come Friday, if it's a series or maybe two series, (it's) eight plays. You're like, 'I'm dressed up, I'm warmed up, I'm ready to go, the lights are on.' Obviously, it's a primetime game so it just feels a little different. I'm anxious to get out there, but I know on Friday it will be short-lived. It is what it is."

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