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Offseason Q&A with DT Jay Bromley


Giants players answer questions heading into the 2017 offseason:

Photos of Giants DT Jay Bromley from the 2016 season

Before the Giants departed the Quest Diagnostics Training Center for the offseason, caught up with some of the players for a recap of their 11-5 run and a look toward 2017. Here is what DT Jay Bromley had to say:

BROMLEY: I could say the second Dallas game, but just throughout the course of the season, man, this is probably the best team I've been a part of. We've all been really tight, like a family. We fight like a family, but we love each other like a family. It's been great throughout the course of the season.

2. What's one thing you learned about yourself this season?

BROMLEY: I think I've always been a person who fought well through adversity and came out through it. And I think this season was no different and just continued to battle through adversity, taking the highs with the lows and just continuing to trust God, trust myself, try to stay consistent.

3. What's the biggest improvement you or the team made?

BROMLEY: We were just confident. We went into every game knowing that we could win, knowing how we needed to do it, and went out and proved it each and every game.

4. What are your offseason goals?

BROMLEY: Improve in everything. I'm one of those guys who feels like everything has to be improved. There's no one area of my game that I'm like, 'OK, I'm good enough to just lay back off.' So I'm just going to get my body right, get quicker, get faster, get stronger, and come back ready to play this thing. Go hard.

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