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Players vote five team captains


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. –** The Giants will have five captains for the 2013 season.

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The players voted to retain incumbent captains Eli Manning, Justin Tuck and Zak DeOssie and also elected guard Chris Snee and safety Antrel Rolle.

"These guys were all elected by the players," coach Tom Coughlin said. "Am I happy they were selected? Yes, I am because I think the number one thing is always team and people have to lead by example first and well done is better than well said. Yet, through the course of the long and difficult, challenging season, you're going to see an opportunity for people to show what they're made of in good and bad and that's where leadership comes from. Adversity, remember, makes you stronger, according to John Wooden."

The new captains are thrilled to add that title to their resume.

"It's an honor," Snee said. "I was excited to get it this morning. I've been a game captain for quite some time."

"I was extremely honored," Rolle said. "As a young kid you always dream about certain things. You dream about playing in the NFL, you dream about making Pro Bowls. I know being named captain of the New York Football Giants is a huge accomplishment. It's something I never, ever even imagined would take place. I'm definitely excited for it and I thank my teammates for even having that trust in me and the accountability in me to even name me a captain. I'm extremely honored."

Five captains is the Giants' highest total since 2008. Asked if he encouraged the players to add two additional captains, Coughlin said, "No, it just comes by virtue of the votes."

It is the sixth consecutive season Manning has been elected a captain, the fourth time for Tuck and the third for DeOssie. Snee and Rolle were team leaders long before receiving the formal endorsement of their teammates.

Coughlin believes all five players are worthy of the honor.

"They have demonstrated over the years, honestly, not just this fall, a true, true interest and concern in the well-being of our team, not their own individual thing," Coughlin said. "I think there's tremendous growth in each individual. You watch and listen to Antrel and I think that you know that his heart and mind is in, and has been in for quite some time, the right place. I just think they're guys that work in different ways and have demonstrated exceptional leadership and have done more than their part. You open the door to the offensive line room and there's one guy sitting behind that machine every time you peek in there and it's 76 (Snee).

"You know where Eli stands. I think Tuck has come back this fall and really he's not been very verbal, but he's demonstrated and shown good example and I think that's really what the challenge was for Justin based on a year ago. And Zak has been steady and he has been, as a captain, is this his third year already, he has been very forthright and never leaves a stone unturned in terms of what he thinks with regard to his effort on special teams or his contributions in the meeting room."


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