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Postgame quotes - 10/21: Manning, Cruz

Coach Tom CoughlinIn the division, we knew it was going to be a struggle right to the very end and it certainly was. I told Mike (Shanahan), that's a tough concept. You are defending the National Football League plus the triple option. It's a difficult scheme. The second half we did a much, much better job. We got the turnovers; of course, we turned a couple of over, too, just to keep it interesting. Looking at the back of 80's heels there at the end, holy cow. What a great feeling that was at that point in time. They are a tough football team. They've given up some numbers this year, as I've said earlier in the week, but I'm telling you, they hang in there, they battle with you, they've got a little bit of a different scheme coverage-wise, force you to really dig down in and make some plays from the underneath and then get up top if you can. But they are tough against the run. We didn't have much success against the run. But we found a way to win, we found a way to win. Thank God for that.


DE Justin TuckQ: What adjustments did you make from the first half to second half?
A: I choose not to think about how they ran against us in the first half. Well, I think our coaches did a good job of coming in and making subtle adjustments. We didn't do much, but we kind of figured out how they were doing different things than what they showed on film. They had a lot of different motioning with the H-back and that kind threw off how we wanted to set the front. They had an extra man on a lot of runs in the first half and we made that adjustment and it proved well going forward.
WR Hakeem Nicks

Q: When Moss scored that second TD, was there any doubt in your mind Eli could lead you back?
A: I never doubt us, I never doubt our talent. We've got playmakers all over the field. I know somebody is going to get left open, somebody is going to make a play. That's what we believe as an offense and we know what we are capable of doing.

DE Jason Pierre Paul

Q: What is it like to be a part of a game like that?
A: I said this week it was going to be a tough game and the physical team was going to win. We came out here to win. It was a great win and RG3 did his thing and the whole offensive line their thing. It was a tough game. Days like this we knew were going to be tough, so we just have to play hard.

WR Victor Cruz

Q: Is that like déjà vu from last year?
A: I guess so, a little bit. In reference to having the same type of coverage, same type of throw, same type of catch and run. I guess it's a little bit like déjà vu. Yeah, why not?

DE Osi Umenyiora

Q: Impressed?
A: By the Giants winning? Yes. It was a great win by the New York Football Giants and an awesome game.

Q: Is it easier to praise the quarterback when you win a game like that?
A: Let me tell you something, man. My guys are flat-out unbelievable. I'm not even going to lie. That's the best quarterback we've played this year, for sure. It's just unfortunate that he's a rookie, because he's going to be around here forever, doing stuff like that. That's just crazy.

RB Andre Brown

Q: How important is getting the first division win?
A: It was very important. We go into the playoffs by winning the division, so that's the most important and that was a very important win because we were 0-2 in the division. That was a very good win.

S Antrel Rolle

Q: How important is it to get your first division win heading into Dallas next week?
A: Extremely important. This was a do or die game for us. We fought today. We fought the full 60 minutes and came out on top.

LB Michael Boley

Q: The turnovers seemed to make the difference in the end.
A: Most definitely. They had a lot of success running and passing the ball, mostly running, throughout the early part of the game. But the turnovers in the second half definitely helped us and put the offense in some position that it took to get some scores out of it.


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