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Power Rankings: Where does NYG stack up?

ross_article1_031413.jpg and ESPN recently weighed in, and with the Giants missing the playoffs in 2012, it comes to little surprise that the Giants fell outside the top 10 in the pre-draft power rankings.

But then again, it's only March.

Here is a look at where analysts see the Giants stacking up in 2013:
NYG: 11
2012 Finish: 12
Comments: "Death by a thousand paper cuts? The New York Giants are hemorrhaging players, or so it seems. Ahmad Bradshaw ... gone. Osi Umenyiora ... gone. Kenny Phillips ... ditto. Chris Canty ... ditto ditto. Yet, can you say Big Blue is really worse? GM Jerry Reese added some small pieces, with dollars earmarked for guard Kevin Boothe and/or receiver Victor Cruz." – Elliot Harrison

NFC East: No.10 Redskins (10), No.16 Cowboys (14), No.25 Eagles (27)
Top 5 (in order): 49ers, Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks, Ravens

NYG: 14
2012 Finish: 14
Comments: "*No eye-popping pickups, but no crushing losses either. No reason to think they can't go 9-7 again." *– Dan Graziano

NFC East:No.13 Redskins (8), No.18 Cowboys (15), No.26 Eagles (29)
Top 5 (in order): Seahawks, 49ers, Broncos, Falcons, Patriots

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