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Prince reveals offseason plans

When you take the advice of Terrell Thomas, you end up in the Bahamas with Shaquille O'Neal.

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That's what Prince Amukamara learned in the new year.

Amukamara, who just wrapped up his third NFL season, recently traveled to the island country with his wife at the behest of the fellow cornerback. It was one of the many tips -- both on and off the field -- that Amukamara has absorbed from veterans like Thomas throughout his burgeoning career.

"I remember Terrell Thomas said one thing that you should do in the offseason no matter what is to just go someplace and see the world," Amukamara said today. "I've definitely been taking his advice about that. My wife and I just got back from the Bahamas for New Year's. We plan on taking another trip."

Running into a retired NBA star and the occasional Giants fan will do that.

"It was crazy because a lot of people from New York, a lot of Giants fans, go there because I saw a lot of people there with New York hats," Amukamara said. "I'd just say 'nice hat' and stuff like that. But when I went down this time, I saw Shaq. We definitely drew in a crowd."

Unfortunately for Amukamara and Giants fans around the world, the trip was a month early.

Waking up back in East Rutherford, it was time to work out with an eye on next season as the NFL playoffs move on without Big Blue.

"Like today I just woke up and it's so weird when you don't have a mandatory schedule and stuff like that," said Amukamara, who will also go back to his alma mater in Nebraska to work out. "I definitely wish we were still playing, but all I know is to work out because that's all I've done. With an athlete, if you miss a day of workout, you feel like you're going to die or something."

Coming off a 2013 campaign in which he started all 16 games and recorded a career-high 83 tackles with 14 passes defensed, this will be the third offseason for Amukamara to continue to grow.

"I think the last couple offseasons I definitely had the chance to see how other veterans carried themselves in the offseason like Corey [Webster], [Justin] Tuck, and [Steve] Weatherford and just seeing and learning from them -- when to train, how much time to take off," Amukamara said. "Everyone is different, but that really helped me a lot."

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