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Quotes (12/8): Head Coach Tom Coughlin's conference call


Opening Statement**

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I said pretty much what I wanted to say yesterday. Glad to win. It was really something that our team needed badly, and I think they felt good about playing with the exception of the touchdown on the [Eli Manning interception], which obviously would have been a shutout for the defense. You had some contributors in all three phases, which was very nice. Some young guys got involved. Some plays were made. We got some turnovers. Got some punt return yardage. There are two ways at looking at field goals, but the 52-yarder was good to be able to accomplish and the ball was kicked so well that it probably could have been a few yards longer and that is a plus. We had some big plays, particularly early on. We got some running game going. We had a nice 50-yard run. Well blocked play, which was a good thing. We did get the quarterback hit a couple of times, but we didn't get any registered sacks.

Defensively, I thought the obvious was we did have some opportunities to rush the passer. If you looked at the history of this Tennessee team, they felt that when they fall behind they threw the ball as much as they could to catch up, which is not unusual. There were not a lot of runs, but we did a decent job of stopping the running game as well. I think they had 61 yards. We got the pressure on the quarterback on a number of occasions with a lot of different people. Some of the young guys got involved. Did a good job with that. We did have a touchdown of our own on defense, which was a good thing. We've been trying to accomplish that in all phases. Hopefully at some point the special teams will contribute with that. Overall, it was well-played.

Q: Can you talk about the running game a little bit and Henry Hynoski's involvement?
A: We utilized some different personnel combinations, even some big people combinations. It did have some solid runs against a physical group up front. We were impressed with their defensive front going into the game. Henry has his normal rotation with the regular personnel, what we call regular. Big people personnel, of course, are the short yardage and goal line runs as well. He did do a good job up inside blocking. He did get involved in the perimeter blocking on the long touchdown run, so he probably had more plays than he has had in a couple, three weeks and it resulted in some good production.

Q: Did you have a problem with the touchdown celebration between Antrel Rolle and Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie?
A: I answered that question yesterday. I don't appreciate that. I think that what we talk about is 'team.' We don't talk about individuals. We talk about a team accomplishment and I didn't like what it represented and I will speak to the players that were involved in that.

Q: It seems like every week you are coming up with new ways to use Odell Beckham Jr… Does he continue to amaze you with what he is able to do?
A: I don't think 'amaze' is the right word. I think we knew that he was a very talented young man when we drafted him. The number of things he can do, you saw him throw the ball yesterday and you have seen him run the ball, and certainly catch the ball. We continue to try to put him in some spots where we can utilize all of the talents that he brings to the field.

Q: After the game yesterday, Eli Manning was in the trainer's room for a long time… Is there an injury that he suffered or anything that you are concerned about as the week goes on?
A: I don't think so. I was aware of what you were aware of and I think he is sore. He had some ice; that probably was what he was doing. There really hasn't been any report to me on anything like that. He'll be, probably not today, but he'll definitely be in tomorrow. He is always in on Tuesday. He will start out in the weight room and if he needs to stop in the training room, he will do that. It is normally just maintenance for him. I am not speaking out of turn, I don't know a lot about anything else. No one seems to be overly concerned.

Q: Do you think this is the most complete football game this team has played so far in terms of offense, defense and special teams?
A: I wish I could be very specific about that, but referencing back a long way, I wouldn't be able to compare without having those stats in front of me. It was a good game in terms of that, yes. With the exception of the one turnover, we really didn't hurt ourselves. When you can play and complement each other in each phase, rather than hurt each other, it is definitely progress for this team.

Q: How encouraging is it to get the production you got from a number of rookies yesterday?
A: Well, it is. It is encouraging because long have we invested in their playing time. Most of these guys, whether it be [Devon] Kennard, [Nat] Berhe or any of these younger guys who are getting some snaps and some play time. You see [Kerry] Wynn in there contributing now and that is a good thing. The fact that they have played some and they continue to play and get experience and they have had a little taste of success from time to time, that is a good thing. [Jay] Bromley was in there. Obviously the production from Andre Williams was good. [Weston] Richburg has been in there since day one. Beckham since he has come back from his injury. In order to advance this team, these young guys have got to get great experience and they are starting to get it.

Q: Have you changed the way you use Kennard in terms of his blitzing and getting to the quarterback?
A: No, not necessarily. What you are seeing is the production coming when he rushes the passer and that is just a matter of dialing up, whether you bring four or bring five or whatever.

Q: How did Damontré Moore do in his first really expanded action?
A: He obviously had the numbers. He had two sacks. He does rush the passer and he is an aggressive kid. He has athleticism and he runs around. He did things on special teams as well, which he always makes a contribution there as well.

Q: With Andre Williams, it seemed like before he was running hard, but not really getting results. Is he evolving in certain ways?
A: I hope so. That is what this thing is all about. I think he is, with the exception of a couple of times when I would've maybe made a little bit different reaction to some of the things he saw in front of him. He was on the spot with his cuts and he did demonstrate once again the power that we are counting on. The more he plays, the better he gets, and the more opportunity he has. He helped us considerably getting started in a two-minute drill; that was a big plus.

Q: When you look at Jason Pierre Paul, obviously the stats have started to come maybe more consistently these last two games. Or is he playing better?
A: I think he has taken coaching well. Everybody has been frustrated when he gets stuck down in the middle or doesn't get to where he wants to get. He has worked very hard at that. He has played with enthusiasm all year long and he is giving you the energy and the effort. Some of these things are starting to happen for him. You have seen all year that he chased the ball down from the backside many times, and that shows you the quality of his effort. I think he has had some production here as of late and let's hope he keeps right on going.

Q: Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie didn't miss a snap yesterday on defense. Can you talk about what that does to the whole unit?
A: It was the way it was meant to be from the end of training camp on. Obviously, it kind of settles things down in the guys that are playing in their spots and can stay in their spots. When he is out on that field, you can imagine the play caller being able to call the game the way we would like it called rather than trying to determine who's out there and who's not out there. That is not a reflection on anybody else, it just a statement of fact. I think we have better continuity, for sure. It was good to see him stay out there and get the interception, and hopefully that is going to continue.

Q: With Devon Kennard, his ability to get to the quarterback is obvious to us. Is he doing some good things that are not so obvious?
A: He is maintaining his own at the line of scrimmage, he plays with power, he can shock you on contact, which we all observed. He is a guy that is not prone to missed assignments or anything of that nature. Loves to play, he is physical, so he has been the kind of things you are looking for.

Q: It looks like you didn't have any significant injuries coming out of the game. Is there anything you might be concerned that we might have missed?
A: No, I don't think so. I think the training room is pretty solid in terms of, we got some bruised, etc, but it doesn't look like anything that will prevent anyone from going forward.

Q: Your team probably had the best rushing performance of the entire year. Was that an emphasis during the week? Was it the offensive line?
A: Balance, the desire to attack, the balance in terms of run and pass, to be able to count on that. Disappointed, to be honest with you, with the 1 out of 5 in the green zone. I thought we were right on top of the league in that area, and for some reason, even though we made some yards rushing the ball, it ends up being third down. We didn't rush for much and we ended up having to kick field goals. That happened probably too many times yesterday in an area that we had been converting at a very high rate. The key thing is we were there, we got down there and we did come away with points. That was a good thing as well.

Q: Did winning make you feel any better? Or was today another day at the office?
A: Well, it is a better day at the office when you win, believe me. Monday's are hectic, probably a more difficult day for a head coach more than a lot of days because your emotions don't go away. The build-up to the game, the game itself, the emotions, win or lose, the emotions are certainly different. The next day when you lose is an extremely difficult day because you have all of these emotions on top of the facts of the day before, and you are striving to make the corrections and pull people together and understand why you didn't win, etc., etc., etc. When you win, it reinforces what you are doing and it does make for a better day.

Q: I'm sure had an opportunity to look at the sideline…..between Tom Quinn and Steve Weatherford.
A: Why is it that you are the guy that always asks that stuff? RE: It's my job to ask this stuff.
A: It is? Okay, very good. What do you want me to answer then? I didn't see it, I have listened to both Steve Weatherford talk about it. I have been told about the comments he made. It is unfortunate. Sometimes it happens in a highly competitive business with individuals who are highly competitive. I don't see any issue with that today, certainly would not like to have it happen, or wouldn't want it to have extended any further from my understanding. I am sure that it will be corrected.

Q: It looked like Coach Tom Quinn was trying to grab Steve Weatherford or his jersey. Is that something you have to talk to him about?
A: I will be glad to talk to both of them about it, but that will be private, it will remain that way. I am interested in all things running as smoothly as possible. I don't encourage anything of that nature. Again, when competitive spirts are high, sometimes things do happen and you don't want them to and they do and then you have to settle it down and continue as best as you can professionally. That is where we will be.

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