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Sterling Shepard Blog: 4th Down TD keeps streak alive


Throughout the season, Rookie WR Sterling Shepard will check in with and provide an inside look at his journey of making it in the NFL:

Wide receiver Sterling Shepard was born to play football. The son of a Super Bowl and NCAA champion, he followed in his father's footsteps to a standout career at the University of Oklahoma before being selected by the New York Giants in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. We pick up with him after the Giants' fourth win a row, a game in which Shepard caught his fourth touchdown on a gutsy fourth-and-goal call that proved to be the game-winner ...

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Eli and I had talked about it the day before the game, and I got the same exact look that we talked about. The conversation was if I see a certain look on a certain play, we had a few options. We actually got one of the looks that we talked about, so I just tried to remember my training and what he told me and did that and we came out.

I was pretty angry about the one I dropped before earlier in the game. I usually don't drop that, especially on third down. I love third downs. I was pretty mad that I dropped that one, so I had to come back with something – something big. It was fourth down. I had to get that one. It's a huge down.

In a moment like that, you've just got to treat it like every other play. You can't really put too much significance on it because then you'll overthink it and do something bad. So I just try to treat it just like every other play and get open and catch the ball.

Coach McAdoo has a lot of trust in us to put us in that situation. He trusts us to go out there and remember what we were taught and that we will execute. And we did a great job of doing that in a critical moment.

My guy Jerell Adams also got on the board in that game with a touchdown. You're always really happy for the guys that you came in with. You want to see everybody succeed, especially with the guys you've been going through all the rookie meetings with and all that stuff. So it was great to see him get in the end zone.

That's my roommate, too. I still room with Jerell when we go out of town and we're at the team hotel. One thing about him is you've got to fall asleep before he does because he likes to snore a little bit. Actually, he really doesn't snore; he just breathes heavy. But that keeps me up, so I've got to go to sleep before him. But he is hilarious, though. That's my man right there. He is funny as hell.

With this four-game win streak and trying to make it five, I feel like everybody in the locker room has a lot more energy. Going out to practice, there's a lot more energy. Guys are excited, but we still haven't accomplished what we want to accomplish. So we've just got to come to work every day and keep grinding if we want the outcome that we've been planning for at the beginning of the season.

But our focus is on the Bears this week. They've got a solid defense, for sure. Their front is what we're going to have to really hone in on and take care of. Those guys like to get after the quarterback. We'll have to block them up, and like always, us wide receivers have got to do a good job of just getting open and blocking in the run game. That's what we've got to do.

Stay tuned to for more from Sterling, and don't forget to follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @sterl_shep3.

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