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The Manning Report: Facing the Broncos


Other than the fact that you're playing against your brother, has this been a pretty normal week for you?

"Yes, it's been very normal. Nothing's changed, nothing different in the preparation and practice. Besides having to talk a lot about my brother to the media, everything else has been the same. We talked on Monday for a little bit, but it's not a normal week where we would talk… just talking family stuff."
The Broncos' offense does a lot of shifting and moving before the snap, but the defense tries to confuse the opposition as well. And they're one of the few teams that could lose a guy like Champ Bailey and still have a lot of talent in the secondary. When you look at their defense, what sticks out?

"They do a great job getting pressure on the quarterback. You see that they do have a number of different fronts and looks and they like to bring pressure and bring it with different guys. It makes you excited. If you can block it up, a lot of man coverage, single high coverage and hopefully our receivers can win those battles. But they do mix up a number of coverages, they have talented players and we have to play great football."

With David Baas coming back, is there a sense of security for a quarterback when his normal center returns to the lineup?

"It's good having your O-line intact and the guys who have been playing those positions the last couple years. Kevin Boothe (who played center last week) has done a great job. He's played in a bunch of games at center, so I didn't feel like we lost anything with him in there. But it's good having your main center back and Boothey back at guard."

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