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What did you learn?

Battling back from a 14-point deficit to start the game, the Giants beat the Washington Redskins 24-17 on Sunday night at FedEx Field.

New York allowed just three points in the second half while the offense went on a 24-3 run, notching the Giants' fifth win in six games after beginning the season 0-6.

"We knew it would be a battle right to the end, but I am most proud of the way we hung in there," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. "All three sides of the ball contributed very well, and when we had the turnover our defense held them to a field goal. We took the ball down the field and scored when we needed to do that. We got the margin up to a touchdown which really put the pressure on them to go the length of the field. I thought there were a number of outstanding plays. [Defensive end Justin] Tuck with four sacks, and I think [linebacker Jon] Beason had 17 tackles. We had the special teams blocked punt, that was outstanding. There were a lot of outstanding contributors tonight, and it was a beautiful night for football. I am just glad we could hang in there and get the win."

That leads us to our Morning Debate:

What did you take away from Sunday's win over Washington?

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