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WR Jerrel Jernigan Transcript

Q: Do you see yourself as being a viable candidate to fill the slot receiver position on this team?

A: You've got other receivers. I do see myself filling this void but you've got Vic Cruz and a lot of young receivers, Duke Calhoun, there are a lot of us who could fill that role but we just have to come in and see who can fill that role.

Q: When they drafted you did they tell you they drafted you to play the slot?

A: Basically, when I talked to the coaches and Mr. Reese they didn't know how Steve would come back after the knee injury and they drafted me to come in and play the slot. Play behind him if came back or not or if he left.

Q: So you taking number 12 is that a coincidence?

A: Pretty much the equipment guy asked me if I would like to wear 12 because he knew I wanted to wear 3 because I wore 3 in college and 1 plus 2 is 3.  So I was like yeah sure, I'll wear 12 and then my receiver coach asked me if I wanted to wear it and I told him yeah, I'll wear it.

Q: You know that number has some expectations that come with it?

A: Yeah I know Steve was a great, outstanding player, Pro Bowl player.  They're going to be some big shoes to fill but I think I'm up for the challenge.

Q: Were you familiar with him as a player?

A: Yeah, I saw him play and then I met him when I was down in L.A. for the rookie premiere and we exchanged numbers and talked a little bit, so yeah, I was pretty familiar with him.

Q: You thought you'd be his teammate at the time right?

A: Yeah.

Q: Was the expectation in the receivers' room that he would be back here?

A: I wouldn't say that.  We really weren't worrying about it at the time.  We were moving off whoever was in the room at the time but I think pretty much they thought he was going to come back after the knee injury and re-sign with them but that wasn't the case.

Q: How familiar are you now with that role and with the responsibilities of the slot guy in this offense?

A: I'm a little shaky. I'm still learning. We had probably a week and a half, two weeks, I'm still trying to learn the whole playbook and stuff.  So I'm just learning day by day at practice.

Q: They played you on the outside some.  What has the distribution been between playing inside and outside?

A: It has pretty much been on the play call that Coach Gilbride calls.  Sometimes I line up outside, sometimes I go in the slot and move inside, but it really doesn't matter.

Q: How ready are you to play a game?

A: I know the basic stuff. I pretty much understand the basic stuff. Little bit of the other terminology and stuff I'm still working on but I think I'm pretty much ready.

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