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Cover 3: A new era begins for Giants

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It has been a busy few weeks at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center with the introduction of new general manager Joe Schoen and more recently head coach Brian Daboll. The crew gives their biggest takeaways from the start of the new regime in this week's edition of Cover 3.

John Schmeelk: The two most important pieces of information from Brian Daboll's press conference regard his coaching staff. He spent time talking about his offensive coordinator, which will impact whether or not he calls plays. Daboll seemed to indicate a preference that if he is able to hire the right person as his coordinator, he would be willing to let him call plays. General manager Joe Schoen said he would prefer if the head coach did not have to call plays, but would leave it up to Daboll. Daboll did not say it was necessary for his coordinator to have previous experience calling plays.

The other piece of important information was regarding Daboll's defensive coordinator. He said he would have Patrick Graham back if he did not land a head coaching job elsewhere. Graham's return would retain much needed consistency to a side of the football that had some good moments over the last two seasons.

A head coach's staff is essential for him to have success in his role. They need to be able to take things off his plate, implement his plan, and help to develop players. If Daboll can land his top choices in the two most important positions on his coaching staff, it will go a long way to improving his chances of succeeding with the Giants.

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Dan Salomone: There has been no rest since the end of the season as the Giants conducted a thorough search for their new general manager and head coach. Now, they can take a breath, right? Wrong.

"Well, not really," team president John Mara said. "We still have to hire the rest of the staff and they're busy working on that right now and then we're going to have to make some very difficult decisions, or I should say they're going to have to make some very difficult decisions on getting us under the cap and putting us in a position where we're going to be in a healthy cap situation going forward. And then we have the draft coming up, so no, there's no rest. I'm not going to rest until we start winning games."

The final point was the most important one, and everyone involved understands that.

Lance Medow: You'll notice Brian Daboll made no bold statements or declarations about the team during his introductory presser and that was a wise game plan. He didn't say anything about what the identity of the Giants will be, the main principles of the scheme or a potential timeline to accomplish specific goals. Similar to new general manager Joe Schoen, he simply acknowledged it will be a challenge to turn things around and all the above areas will be dictated by the personnel and makeup of the roster. Although many want immediate answers and gratification from an initial press conference, striving to create the perfect soundbite that will appease the masses very rarely accomplishes much other than setting expectations that will be used as a means of comparison for the entirety of a coaching tenure.

Daboll didn't commit to calling plays and said that would be determined based on who assumes the role of offensive coordinator. There's many school of thoughts when it comes to the responsibilities a coach should assume on game day. It says here there's no issue with a head coach wearing multiple hats. The two teams in Super Bowl 56 have head coaches that also serve as offensive play-callers in the Rams' Sean McVay and Bengals' Zac Taylor. Daboll will choose what's best for him and the team but don't forget, one of the reasons why he became an appealing candidate is because of what he accomplished in Buffalo as the play-caller. His strength should be accentuated in a new location, not relinquished simply because of the fact that he's a first-time head coach.

Daboll also stressed the value and importance of relationships between coaches and the front office and coaches and players - it starts from the top and works its way down. The NFL may seem huge with 32 teams, but it's actually a very small community; so it's no surprise that Daboll indicated he'd like retain defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, if possible. Daboll and Graham were colleagues under Bill Belichick in New England from 2013-15, so that relationship has already been established.

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