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Giants Now: Takeaways from Daniel Jeremiah's pre-combine conference call


Takeaways from Daniel Jeremiah's pre-combine conference call

NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah held his annual pre-NFL Scouting Combine conference call with members of the media on Thursday, answering questions for two-plus hours.

Jeremiah touched on a lot of topics, from the differences between the top receivers to the potential cost of trading up in the draft and a lot more.

Here is a snippet from Jeremiah's conference call.

On the top three wide receivers, Marvin Harrison Jr., Malik Nabers and Rome Odunze:

"I think you could make a case those three highest graded players in this draft are the three receivers. They are outstanding. I think they're all going to be No. 1 guys where they go. You get different flavors. With Marvin you kind of get the big power forward who has some really good quickness for a big guy and really tracks the ball extremely well. Odunze will be close to 220 pounds. I think you're going to see him run in the low 4.4s, and he has unbelievable tracking skills to go up and get it and combat catches, physical. If you are in Arizona and you see him, I think you'll see similarities to Fitzgerald in terms of how he attacks the ball and goes and gets it. And then Nabers is a stick of dynamite. He is super, super explosive. Just get the ball in his hands and let him go. I think there's more to him in terms of a route runner. I think he'll get more opportunities to show that at the next level, but he is ultra, ultra explosive."

On Rome Odunze in particular:

"I like big, fast, physical, smart, tough guys who can go play above the rim and who have some route polish to them. As a player I love what he has from a skill set standpoint. I think all of it translates. I think when you look at big games I games in the NFL, especially going to the postseason, I think some of that space disappears. You have to have guys who can win with bodies around them. He can do that. That's not to say he can't run. You'll see it when he gets to the combine, he can run too. There's that side of it.

"I love there's a bounce and an energy to him that I love. I love the fact that even though you might have to coach some of this out of him, he hates running out of bounds. You'll see the competitiveness in him. When he is on the sideline, he tries to get everything he can get. He is a real, real competitive football player. Some of the stuff that I hear talking to sources and connections up there is that the guy is incredibly bright. He is a great leader. He knows every spot on the -- in the receiving room. He can play anywhere. He has been training with Ricky Proehl, and Proehl said he is as smart of a receiver as he has ever been around. Those things are great."

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On the top offensive tackles in this year's draft:

"Well, they're all different flavors. They're all really talented. When you look at that top group of guys, really I would say you're talking about (Joe) Alt, (Olumuyiwa) Fashanu, (Taliese) Fuaga, (JC) Latham. I would think those are pretty unanimous, whatever order you have them, those are kind of the top four guys...

"[Alt] is the cleanest of the bunch. He's huge. He's long. He just keeps getting better. He doesn't get beat. He is not the most dynamic athlete. He is not an elite, elite bender, but he doesn't get beat and just plays with outstanding awareness, and he can move people on the run game...

"You have Fashanu from Penn State who is massive. He has the ideal frame, ideal length. The Ohio State game this year was kind of the one that people will point to where he got in some trouble where his eyes were kind of in the wrong place. He gave up his chest and got bulled and moved around a little bit, but really on the whole I think his tape is pretty solid. He would be plug and play. I think he can play on the left and on the right.

"Fuaga is a really, really clean player for me. He has played on the right side. I don't see really why you would want to move him. I think he is plug-and-play as a right tackle. He could play guard if you needed him to, but just really consistent. Quick feet. Really explosive and dynamic when he gets into guys. He has some nasty to him. Plays with good temperament. That to me is like the plug and play. He has a home at right tackle, and off you go. I have him as the second lineman on my list.

"Then JC Latham from Alabama was a big-time recruit. He has a lot in his body. He is huge. 330-plus pounds. He has torque and power, especially in the run game. He can anchor all day long. He had some issues more so than the other guys with just some of the games and stunts and twists that they saw. I thought his eyes were a little bit late, and he got in a little bit of trouble with that. He would be the fourth guy for me in that mix."

On the quarterbacks projected to be selected in the 2025 NFL Draft:

"I'm glad you mentioned next year because that's something when I talk to guys around the league that they've done their homework on next year's class. I haven't had a chance to watch many of those guys, but there doesn't seem to be as much excitement at this point in the process about next year's guys. I think that could lead to some action, spur some action for these teams to try and either take one where they are and maybe even be aggressive and go up and get one."

On what it might cost Giants to move up from No. 6 to No. 3:

"I pulled up the chart and kind of ran the numbers of what it might look like if they were going to go from six to three. Adding in the fact that there's a little bit of a premium you have to pay. So for the Giants to get up to the third pick, you're talking about the sixth overall pick this year. You're talking about second round pick 39 this year, your second round pick this year at 47, and next year's 2. So it really would cost you three 2s, two this year and one next year. It's a steep price to pay. A little bit of a premium there. You could get up to three with the ammunition that they have and get that done. I would not rule that out. I know you have one more year of Daniel Jones before they could kind of get out of that contract, but I think that would be something that would be very much in play."

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