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Giants Now (3/30): Eli Manning's message to NY-NJ


Serby's Q&A: Eli Manning shares message to NY-NJ

Eli Manning was the recent subject of Steve Serby’s Q&A in the New York Post. The two-time Super Bowl MVP, who retired this year, spoke about everything from Tom Brady leaving the Patriots to Philip Rivers heading to Indianapolis and, more importantly, how he is dealing with the situation facing the entire world right now. First, Manning was asked, "What would your message be to New York, to New Jersey, to all of America really, during this harrowing time fighting the coronavirus?"

"We're doing everything possible to get through this," Manning told Serby. "We're taking the right steps, and obviously, this is an uncertain time. But, I think this country, and the Northeast and New Jersey and New York, are resilient and we're tough and we kind of find a way to fight through things. That's what we're gonna have to do. You just kind of figure out a way. It's not gonna be easy, it's not gonna be perfect, and there will be ups and downs and struggles. But we're gonna help out each other, we're gonna lend a hand when we need to, and that's kind of what this is about: It is an unknown, it is something that's new. But, it's something like that we will figure out and get a handle on and beat it."

Q: Describe what daily life is for you right now with Abby, Ava, Lucy, Caroline and Charlie.

A: Right now it's really about the kiddos. … Abby is kind of handling the older two kids [Ava and Lucy], and I get the 5-year-old [Caroline] and the 1-year-old [Charlie], so I gotta entertain them. … That consists of like playing dominoes, coloring … the 1-year-old's walking around, and just kind of preventing him from hurting himself too badly.

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