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Giants Now: Inside Joe Schoen's intro as GM


Joe Schoen was introduced to the media as the new General Manager of the New York Giants in a press conference on Wednesday at Quest Diagnostics Training Center.

Here is everything you need to know from the day:


GM Joe Schoen lays out vision for Giants

Joe Schoen believes constructing a Giants roster that will have long-term success does not preclude the possibility of short-term achievement.

"I'm not a big tear it up, rebuild – I think you can truly build a roster when you can compete for today and build for tomorrow," the Giants' new senior vice president and general manager said today. "We're going to do the draft, free agency. Whatever avenue we can, we're going to continue to build a competitive roster and we want to see progress. We're going to continue to build with the long-term in mind as we build it, but I think you can compete today and still build for tomorrow."

Five days after he was hired, Schoen was formally introduced at a news conference in the fieldhouse at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.

"I don't take this job lightly," he said. "I fully understand the responsibility that comes with being the general manager of the New York Football Giants. I would tell you this, throughout the interview process it became very clear early on (team president) John (Mara's) and chairman Steve (Tisch's) passion for bringing a winning football program to the tri-state area. I was assured that I would be given every resource I needed in order to do that, and I promise you that I will do everything in my power to build a team that will make you proud on the field and off the field. We will look at every avenue to upgrade the roster, add depth, competition and bring the right type of people into the organization."

Job one is to identify and hire the Giants' next coach. Patrick Graham, the team's defensive coordinator the last two seasons, today became the fifth candidate to interview for the position. Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores will be here tomorrow to speak to the Giants' front office. Buffalo defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will interview in person on Friday.

Bill Parcells, Mark Bavaro part of Joe Schoen's journey to Giants

Joe Schoen could see cornfields across the road from where he grew up, and now the son of Indiana is general manager of the New York Giants. The destination isn't far-fetched if you know his journey.

"So there's always this interest as a kid of New York City and how big it was and how amazing the city was," Schoen told former Giants cneter Shaun O'Hara in his first interview since being hired last Friday. "Growing up, seeing Coach [Bill] Parcells, I was probably 4 or 5 and my dad would take me down to the Notre Dame spring football games – the Blue-Gold game – and I met Mark Bavaro when I was probably 4 years old. My mom is still trying to find that picture, but from then on, I was a Giants fan because of Mark Bavaro and he played at Notre Dame and then, again, Coach Parcells and the success they had."

Prior to serving as general manager Brandon Beane's right-hand man as they built the Buffalo Bills into a powerhouse in the AFC, Schoen spent five seasons as a national scout for the Miami Dolphins. In the first three of those years, he worked under Parcells, then the team's executive vice president of football operations.

Their influence, among others, shaped Schoen's vision for building the Giants' roster.

"To me, I know 'culture' is thrown around a lot, but [it's about finding] guys that will fit our culture," Schoen said. "Guys that are smart, tough, dependable – it's going to start there. Guys that are talented that have really good habits. I think you're going to have your best chance for success with those type of players. So, ultimately, I think building through the draft, I believe in that - drafting, developing, and signing your own, I think that's very important if you want to sustain success. I believe in supplementing the roster with free agency and going outside the building, but I don't really like getting into signing the biggest fish out there and spending a lot of money. I won't say we'll never do that, but I would prefer to draft, develop, sign our own. I just think the margin for error is much smaller because you know exactly what you're paying for. You know how the guy works on a daily basis. You know how he fits your culture. That's kind of how I foresee us doing it here with the Giants."

Joe Schoen on Saquon Barkley, Daniel Jones & Bill Parcells' influence

Thirty-five years ago yesterday, Bill Parcells coached the Giants to a 39-20 rout of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI for their first NFL championship in three decades. Four years later, the Giants won another Super Bowl, and four months after that, Parcells resigned.

He later coached the New England Patriots, the Jets and the Dallas Cowboys and spent three seasons as the Miami Dolphins' executive vice president of football operations. Despite those dalliances with other organizations, Parcells remains a revered figure in Giants history. He was a member of the franchise's inaugural Ring of Honor class in 2010 and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame three years later.

Parcells has been gone from the organization for a long time, but he's still helping the team he cheered for growing up in Bergen Country, N.J. One of his many proteges is Joe Schoen, who spent the first three of a nine-year stint with the Dolphins working for Parcells as a national scout. When the Giants contacted Schoen about becoming their new general manager, one of the people he contacted for advice was Parcells.

"He told me it's the best job in the league," Schoen said today at his introductory news conference in the field house at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. "That was some of the advice he gave me when I talked to him. I could go on and on about coach. I know why he was such a good coach, because he understood personnel and he understood the X's and O's and he was a great teacher.

"I got him probably on the back nine of his career. He was a constant teacher, always talking to me. I've said this several times, he would say, 'You know what Tom Landry used to tell me, Joe?' I'm just a young scout and you're on the edge of your seat, like, 'Tom Landry told Bill Parcells and he's getting ready to tell me.' All the stories he has, he understood personnel. Philosophically, maybe he's a little bit different. He hasn't evolved to where maybe the game is today. But I learned a lot from him just how to build a roster, what to look for in different positions, what to look for in head coaches. You better know what you want on your roster because coaches are going to come and go. It's just the volatility of the industry. I love coach to death. He's been awesome to me. He still calls me every now and then. I can pick up my phone and call him and he'll answer. He's not afraid to call on a Monday after a game and give his two cents on the roster and what we need when I was in Buffalo, so a ton of respect for coach and I love him to death."

📸 FIRST LOOK: GM Joe Schoen on the job

Check out the gallery below to view photos from Joe Schoen's first days on the job as the new general manager of the Giants.

View photos from Joe Schoen's first days on the job as the new general manager of the Giants.


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