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Giants Now (5/22): Proposed NFL rule changes


NFL owners to vote on rule changes May 28

Each year, the NFL looks at potential new rules to be adopted into the league. With the NFL trying to start the 2020 season on time, owners are considering several rule changes.

The league's competition committee had already determined that the one-year rule that allowed replay review of pass interference penalties would not be proposed to continue for another year. However, an idea that came from the committee's talks last year is being considered again in 2020.

The Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Chargers have both proposed the addition of a booth umpire, also known as a sky judge, as an eighth game official. Those two teams also have proposed the addition of a senior technology advisor to the referee to assist the officiating crew.

As Judy Battista of writes, "The competition committee sent a report to teams last month, in which it stated support for further analysis of on-field officials being assisted by officiating personnel who would have access to a video feed. The officiating department is working with on-field officials to figure out how video feeds could assist them. So, even if owners do not pass either of the new proposals outright next week, it is likely a version of some kind of addition to the officiating crew could be tested in the preseason for possible further implementation."

The other interesting proposal involves an alternative to the onside kick. The Philadelphia Eagles proposed a rule change that would allow the trailing team to keep possession of the ball after scoring by successfully converting a fourth-and-15 play from its own 25-yard line, which could be done a maximum of twice per game.

Owners will vote on these rules during a May 28 virtual meeting.

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