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Giants Now: Changes to NFL overtime rules?


NFL rule change & resolution proposals

With the new league year officially underway, NFL teams submitted their rule change proposals. The league will now consider two overtime rule changes for the 2022 season.

The first rule change proposal, proposed by the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts, would allow for both teams to receive an opportunity to possess the ball during the overtime period.

The second proposal, submitted by the Tennessee Titans, would allow both teams an opportunity to possess the ball in overtime unless the team with the first possession scores a touchdown and a two-point try.

The Competition Committee rule proposal amendments are to follow next week.

In addition to the rule change proposals, there was also one resolution proposal. The Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, along with the Eagles, submitted a proposal which would amend "the Anti-Tampering Policy, in regard to Secondary Football Executive positions, to allow the employer club the choice to retain its player personnel staff through the Annual Selection Meeting. After the selection meeting through June 30, the employer club is required to grant permission for another club to interview and hire a non-high-level executive or non-secondary football executive for a secondary football executive position."

In simpler terms, this resolution would allow teams to deny permission for a front office staffer to interview for a "secondary football executive position" (such as an Assistant GM) with another team until after the NFL draft. However, this would not apply for GM interviews.

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5 things to know about OL Jon Feliciano

Five things to know about new offensive lineman Jon Feliciano:

1. Originally a fourth-round selection by the Raiders in the 2015 NFL Draft, Feliciano has played in 82 regular-season games with 32 starts. He has also started four postseason games, all with Buffalo after joining the team in 2019.

2. He reunites with head coach Brian Daboll (formerly Buffalo's offensive coordinator), general manager Joe Schoen (formerly Buffalo's assistant general manager), and offensive line coach Bobby Johnson, who held the same role with the Bills.

3. Feliciano, 6-4 and 325 pounds, has started 26 regular-season games at right guard, 11 at left guard, and two at center. His four postseason starts were at right guard. Feliciano told the media on Tuesday that he learned center from playing with three-time Pro Bowler Rodney Hudson with the Raiders and fell in love with the position. "I believe in myself," he said, "and I believe the center position is where I'll be the best."

4. Feliciano was a three-time All-ACC honorable mention selection at Miami, where he started 46 of 48 games for the Hurricanes.

5. Feliciano's nickname is "Mongo," which was given to him by his late friend Sean Cole. It is short for "humongous" due to him being so big for his age. Feliciano named his daughter Shawn Cole in his memory. According to the Bills' media guide, Feliciano endured a long journey to the NFL, starting from growing up in a condemned mobile home that at times had no heat, running water, or electricity. He didn't start playing football until the ninth grade, when he was recognized for his size and natural ability. Feliciano said he draws his inspiration from his younger brother, Chris, who was born deaf.

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Giants Life: A New Era | All-Access Look Inside the NFL Combine

In Episode 2 of "Giants Life: A New Era" – presented by Tommy Hilfiger – we go behind the scenes of prospect interviews at the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Watch and listen in to GM Joe Schoen, Head Coach Brian Daboll, and Assistant GM Brandon Brown in this all-access pass to the team suite.


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