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Top Plays: Saquon Barkley hits top gear


The Giants are starting the transition from camp mode to game prep.

The team will wrap up the preseason with a "visit" from Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets on Saturday night, followed by Tuesday's deadline to reduce the rosters from 90 to 53 players. Then it's all systems go to Week 1 against the Dallas Cowboys.

The situation makes this week's game a balancing act between evaluation and not showing too much.

"There's a good combination of that," offensive coordinator Mike Kafka said. "Just giving the guys enough stuff that they can execute that fits whatever the defense is presenting, but then there's also those plays that you want to be able to evaluate starting really at every level. The O-line, the blocking, pass pro, the finish, all the fundamental things that we talk about. All the route running and decision making at the quarterback level, running backs, tight ends, blocking, all those things on the perimeter. So, there's definitely an evaluation aspect of it, and also allowing the players to play fast, just like we would do really for any game plan. We go through all those details and then say, 'Okay, we can put these guys in this spot, because they can play fast and go execute."

"I think you just go to play the game with who you have in there," defensive coordinator Wink Martindale said. "I don't know who we are playing yet either, so don't feel like you are all alone on that. That's going to be between Dabs (Head Coach Brian Daboll) and (Senior Vice President and General Manager) Joe (Schoen), but I think that you call the game to win each game you have. That's what we will do, with who's in there, what I think they can execute. You know they are going against a titan of quarterbacks (Rodgers). It's going to be a great experience for some of these younger guys because he'll evaluate your team for you as well with the way he plays quarterback."

Here are the highlights from Wednesday:

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