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2023 Spring Football

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Presser Points: School's almost out for summer

School is almost out for summer.

As the New York Giants wrap up spring football, coach Brian Daboll addressed the media on Wednesday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Here is everything you need to know:

🔹 Rookies will stick around a little longer, but after Thursday, most of the team will break until training camp in late July. Daboll said his message will be "come back ready to go. Be in shape. Make sure they're being safe out there over the couple of weeks. Rookies have a little less time than the vets. But come back ready to go, both mentally and physically."

🔹 Daboll said he will get "a little bit of downtime, but then you're right back at it." It's not like when he was a position coach or coordinator. "There's always stuff that comes up. So, I think it's important to take a little bit of downtime, but you can't get too far away from it."

🔹 Daboll said he'll spend the downtime reviewing schedules and "getting a head start on some of the opponents."

🔹 The Giants and Jets will take a break from holding a joint practice again this year. "They're practicing against a couple of teams, we're practicing against Detroit and then we play each other during the year. So, we'll kind of get together next offseason and probably start it back up."

🔹 Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells was on hand at practice yesterday and addressed the team. "They were definitely listening. I think all the coaches were. It was great to have Coach Parcells here. He talked a little bit about accountability and adversity. Good message for the team and for the coaches. … It was great. He's obviously an NFL legend, a Giant legend, and just to have him out here I think was great for everybody."

Pro Football Hall of Famer and legendary former Giants head coach Bill Parcells addressed the team at minicamp Tuesday.

🔹 Minicamp concludes an offseason program that began April 17. What did the Giants accomplish in that time? "Well, I think one of the most important things in spring is the strength and conditioning. I think those guys have done a good job with that. And then the chemistry that you build with one another, not just on the field, but off the field, getting to know one another. We've signed a bunch of new free agents; we have the college guys coming in. So again, it's been a good group to work with. Time will tell here as we get started in training camp."

🔹 Based on combined winning percentages from the 2022 season, the Giants are tied with the Patriots and Cowboys for the third-toughest schedule. They trail only the Dolphins (0.554) and Eagles, who have the "toughest" lineup with a combined opponent winning percentage of 0.566. The Falcons have the "easiest" at 0.417. Daboll was asked if he has a message to the team in terms of its difficulty. "We're not there yet. My message is, 'Let's go out here and have a good day today.' You don't get ahead of yourself. Every year is a different year. Every team is different that you play. So, what you did last year really has nothing to do with this year. Your focus has to be on your individual improvement, your collective improvement and just keeping a day-to-day approach."

🔹 After a successful season, Daboll said you still have to "restart and build your team from the ground up. Again, it's like we say during the season, what you do one week has nothing to do with the next week. What you did one year has nothing to do with this year."

🔹 Veteran tight end Darren Waller, who was acquired via trade this offseason, spoke recently about how the Giants' regime values player input. "As a player, I feel like a lot of places I've gone, you're told to do things a certain way, and you do those things. But here, they ask a lot of questions," he said. "They want to know what you're thinking, what do you like to do more. So, to offer input is a really cool thing because coach and players have got to be in partnership."

Daboll was asked about his philosophy on that subject. "Players are the ones that win the games," the defending AP NFL Coach of the Year said. "So, I take all input from coaches, from players. Again, maybe there's a route that that he ran, maybe it wasn't last year, but maybe it was three years ago that he feels pretty comfortable with that we don't have, and it'd be worth taking a look at. Those guys know themselves pretty well, particularly the good players that have done it for a while. So again, maybe that's not everybody's approach, but that's certainly ours."

Must-see photos from minicamp as spring practices come to a close at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.



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