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Sideline view: Giants pick up pace with pads


It was the first padded practice at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center today, with 90 minutes of the team in full pads. Joe Judge was very vocal about the practice having a good pace and players were very quick between reps and practice periods.

* The individual portion of practice featured red zone 1-on-1 drills between the wide receivers and cornerbacks. The highlight of the session was a jumping catch from newly-signed CJ Board over the cornerback. Board barely got both feet down in the back corner of the end zone. Then, Board made a back-shoulder catch.

* During the same period, Sterling Shepard scored a touchdown to the right sideline on a pass from Colt McCoy. On their final rep, Shepard caught McCoy's well-placed back-shoulder throw on the left sideline. If Shepard's feet were in, it was a score.

* Derrick Dillon caught a pair of touchdown passes during the period, including one on an accurate pass from McCoy on a stutter-go. Alex Bachman caught a trio of touchdowns. His quickness is giving defenders fits. Bachman is also always the first wide receiver to finish the conditioning drills after practice.

* There was very detailed coaching from the defensive backs coaches during the period. They seemed to focus on not only the proper techniques, but also appeared to ask the defensive backs to keep their hands off the receivers to prevent grabbing and potential holding penalties.

* During offensive/defensive line 1-on-1s, Andrew Thomas Squared off against Lorenzo Carter. He slowed down Carter on an inside move, staying between him and the quarterback.

* One new drill featured blocking opportunities for skill position players. A player was given the ball with one lead blocker against one defender. The defender's job was to get around the blocker and to the ball carrier.

*Leonard Williams was active in practice. He got penetration in the middle of the line a couple of times. On one snap, he would have tackled Eli Penny in the backfield for a loss. On another, Saquon Barkley showed his elite athleticism by bouncing outside to avoid him, and eventually turning the corner for a potential big gain.

* Today, it was the entire offense and their coaches who were forced to run a lap after a mistake during practice. A few individual players were also forced to run after mental errors at different times during the session.

* There was A LOT of physical play during the team portion of the morning. The familiar sound of the crack of pads was a pleasure to hear. Early during some running drills, too many players were hitting the ground, which was followed by the familiar refrain of "STAY UP!" from coaches all over the field.

* David Mayo picked up where he left off during those drills, laying a heavy thud on the running back. Dion Lewis showed impressive patience on an outside run, waiting as the blocking developed before planting his foot and getting up field and through the hole.

* Blake Martinez made a play on the ball during 7-on-7s. Daniel Jones was trying to find Levine Toilolo over the middle. Martinez got his hand in there and knocked away the ball.

* During team drills in the red zone, Daniel Jones found Golden Tate for a touchdown over the middle. On a previous play, he tried to find Tate in the corner of the end zone, and from our angle, it looked like they connected for the score. Later, Jones tried to find Tate over the middle, but Darnay Holmes grabbed the interception going to the ground.

The Giants practiced in pads for the first time Monday at Training Camp


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