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Mailbag: Play designs, team-building philosophy


Anthony in Arizona: When the Giants run the wild cat I would like to see another WR or TE on the field instead of Daniel Jones. Don't you think that would be a very interesting play call?

John Schmeelk: If the defense sees Daniel Jones check out of the game and is replaced by a wide receiver or tight end, the opponent can substitute to a heavier run defense-oriented package since there isn't a quarterback on the field who can throw the football. The threat of a pass decreases significantly if Jones is not in the huddle, which would allow for substantial adjustments by the defense before the teams even line up. Jones is a good enough athlete that teams still have to account for him outside. If a team doesn't cover him with a cornerback, Barkley can just throw it to him for a big gain.

Ian in New Jersey: With David Sills being a high school phenom at quarterback, let's get a trick play with him throwing the ball downfield?

John Schmeelk: The Giants tried a play like this earlier in the year with Kadarius Toney, but he kept the ball and ran with it when no one was open. Sills is not as much of a threat to run the ball, so the threat of the run might not draw the defense as close to the line of scrimmage to open up the pass. But given the creativity shown by the Giants offensive staff, nothing would surprise me.

Rick in Florida: Recently, coach Daboll said, and I am paraphrasing, 4 and 1 or 1 and 4 is not as important as the process. Specifically, what does he mean by the process?

John Schmeelk: He means the way the team is showing up to work each day, preparing for their opponent, improving as individuals, and approaching each game is more important than results. A team can win a game, but if the process is poor, it is difficult to repeat. If a team has a good process but loses, there is a good chance they can return the next week and win. A good process also leads to more consistency week to week. A team can play poorly and win, and play well and lose. But if the play is consistently strong, which comes from a strong process, there will be more wins than losses.

Don in New York: Do you think there is a chance of seeing Landon Collins back in the starting line-up for one of the next games? I Would love to see him return to pro bowl form!?

John Schmeelk: I'm not sure he is going to be a starter due to the crowded safety position (Julian Love and Xavier McKinney), and more importantly, his situational role as a linebacker on passing situations. He is small for a linebacker and wouldn't likely be on the field to start the game when opponents would be in more early-down run situations. That does mean he won't play very important snaps close to the line of scrimmage in crucial passing situations, like he did against the Jaguars. The starting part is not overly important.


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