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Giants take part in Year 2 of My Cause My Cleats




After a highly successful debut in 2016, the NFL is back in full force with its My Cause My Cleats campaign.

During Week 13 of NFL action, players from all 32 clubs around the league will be wearing their hearts on their feet when they showcase cleats representing charities of their choosing. The program debuted last season after 18 months of work between the league and players. More than 800 NFL players are expected to raise awareness for the causes that are important to them.

Players will have the opportunity to raise funds for the causes they support by auctioning off their cleats at NFL Auction. 100% of the funds that are raised will get donated to the charities selected by the players. Fans will also have the option to bid on game-issued player cleats to help raise money.

"Our players are passionate supporters of many charitable causes and serve as changemakers in their communities," said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. "We are excited to build upon last year's success and work with our players to expand this unique platform that enables them to raise awareness for causes they support."

Learn more about My Cause My Cleats by visiting You can also use #MyCauseMyCleats on social media to learn some of the stories behind players' cleats.

Check out each design Giants' players will be wearing during Sunday's Week 13 matchup against the Oakland Raiders:

Photos of each My Cause My Cleat design the Giants will wear in their Week 13 matchup vs. the Oakland Raiders.

Here's a snapshot at some of the stories behind the cleats the Giants will be wearing:

Long Snapper Zak DeOssie - America Needs You


"My wife and I chose to get involved in America Needs You; it is a charity that helps first generation low- income students from the Newark area to get through college and secure a job right after graduation. We felt this was an important cause to give back to in our local community because there are many kids out there who have a lot of talent, but just do not have any sort of direction. America Needs You pairs these students up with professional working mentors from New York City to hold their hand through the entire process. Everything from curriculum selection to interview prep, what to wear, and how to speak. We have been a part of it for years and we really enjoy being involved."

Wide Receiver Roger Lewis - Columbus Day Stars Pop Warner


"The Columbus Day Stars Pop Warner team is the team that was the foundation of my football career. At five years old, I became a part of this program and it engraved the football life into me from the start. The community that I grew up in is like 'live and die football' so it is important to me."

Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard - Play 60


"I love being involved with kids and Play 60 is a health and wellness program that directly impacts young students to build a healthy lifestyle. Health is very important so I find it vital to encourage kids to get active at school through recess and other fun games."

Running Back Shane Vereen - Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, David Stroud Fund


"I created a funding program because my neighbor David Stroud went through a terrible experience with cancer and passed away at 19 years old while he was in high school. The David Stroud Fund gives back to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles."

Defensive Tackle Damon Harrison - I Told The Storm Foundation


"Where I grew up, there was not much for kids to do, so we would always find ourselves getting into mischief and all kinds of crazy things. Through my foundation, aside from providing monetary donations, I make myself physically available for children to allow them to ask me questions and be there for them- which means the world to them. My foundation creates opportunities for kids through our programs such as Bible backpacks, Thanksgiving events, Christmas celebrations and many others. We just held our first football camp this summer and had a fantastic turn out. One of the schools that attended the camp struggles financially- they ended up winning the 7v7 tournament! To award them, I donated funds to their football program and bought all the players custom Nike cleats, mouthpieces, and donated equipment. In addition, I attend schools during both the school year and the summertime, where I get the chance to hang out and interact with the kids. To be able to be there as someone they can look up to and talk to, as opposed to the negative environment they are surrounded by of drugs and violence, lets them know there is a way out. They realize that someone from their hometown, made it to the big league, so they can strive to be successful as well."

Tight End Evan Engram - Special Olympics


"As a student athlete at Ole Miss, I was heavily involved in Special Olympics. I enjoyed the work we did with Special Olympics; it is such a great organization. I would like to continue to spread awareness for the organization and all the positive experiences they provide to athletes with intellectual disabilities."

Offensive Lineman Justin Pugh - MVP, Merging Vets & Players


"While I was training out in LA, I got involved with Jay Glazer and Nate Boyer, the founders of MVP. The mission of Merging Vets & Players is to help guys that are coming out of the military as well as players that retire from the NFL, to team up and find a new purpose. Many of these people come back from both of these careers and have nowhere to turn. MVP provides experiences for both groups through retreats, workouts, and simply gives them an opportunity to transition into a new purpose."

Quarterback Davis Webb - Special Olympics New Jersey


"Growing up, I had a coach on my high school football staff, Lyndon Laplante, that had special needs and he was very involved in Special Olympics - so that is why I got involved myself. This cause empowers me to bring awareness to the amazing people involved in it. I think it is important for people to acknowledge individuals with special needs, especially to be conscious of the words you use/say around them. It is extremely important to let them have their day to feel important and that is what Special Olympics and the Special Olympic Games do."

Safety Nat Berhe - Berhe Group Home


"My parents have been providing group homes for children my entire life. I want people to be aware of Berhe Group Home and the work that they do to give quality residential care to at risk young boys in California."

Tight End Matt LaCosse - Social Works Chicago


"I am from the Chicagoland area and my two best friends were involved in the Chicago public schools system growing up. I've heard their stories and I've heard their struggles, which has inspired me to want to create a change for others. I know of the struggles in the Chicagoland area and I want to be able to help students with incredible potential in the best way that I can."

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