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  • Jerry Meade Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer
  • Jim Phelan Vice President of Team Operations
  • Jeff Conroy Director of Team Operations
  • Michael Keating Security Supervisor
  • Jim Ryan Team Security Coordinator


  • John (Jackie) Miles Head Equipment Manager
  • Tim Slaman Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Chris Pridy Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Terry Mansfield Field Security Manager
  • Harrison Eisen Equipment Room Assistant
  • Pat Haggerty Equipment Room Assistant
  • Ben Holt Equipment Room Assistant
  • Kyle Lynch Equipment Room Assistant


  • Victor McLoughlin Facilities Project Manager
  • Daniel Bornschein Facilities Manager
  • Jackie Lepow Facilities Administrator
  • Rob Davis Head Groundskeeper
  • Robert Blake, Jr. Assistant Groundskeeper
  • Jose Garcia Facilities


  • Russell Scibetti Vice President, Strategy & Business Intelligence
  • Kelly Foye Director, CRM and Database Strategy
  • Patrick Yue Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Samantha Santiago CRM and Email Coordinator


  • Pat Hanlon Senior Vice President of Communications
  • Jennifer Conley Escalante Vice President of Strategic Communications
  • Dion Dargin Senior Director of Football Communications
  • Maddi Harris Manager, Communications
  • Payton Holcombe Coordinator, Communications


  • Frank Mara Vice President of Community Relations
  • Allison Stangeby Vice President of Community & Corporate Relations
  • Ethan Medley Director of Community Relations & Youth Football
  • Joann Lamneck Director of Alumni Relations
  • Alyssa Lang Managing Director, Corporate Giving
  • Tara Belinsky Community and Youth Football Manager
  • Dan Sivolella Coordinator, Community Relations


  • Jessica Slenker Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
  • Bill Smith Vice President, Corporate Partnership Sales
  • Mike Decina Senior Director, Partnership Activation
  • Julia Murphy Senior Director, Partnership Activation
  • Chris Robertson Director, Corporate Partnership Operations
  • Katie Carew Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Stephen Fiorella  Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Mark Gennarelli Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Amanda DiPane Senior Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Alex Casola Senior Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Sarita Borojevic Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Alex Cros Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Conor Mara Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
  • Caleb Sink Senior Coordinator, Partnership Activation
  • Corrin Martin Coordinator, Corporate Partnership Operations and Events


  • Christine Procops Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Steve Hamrahi Senior Vice President, Finance & Accounting
  • Amanda Snyder Director of Payroll & Benefits
  • Allison Reed Controller - Facilities
  • Michael Feeley  Controller - Operations
  • Michelle McCabe-Christensen Senior Accounts Payable Analyst
  • Reinard Cantada Staff Accountant
  • Spencer Parcel Senior Manager, Financial Reporting
  • Chris DeFlora Senior Manager, Financial Operations


  • Justin Warren Vice President, Information Technology
  • Julie Glisky Director of IT - Applications and Development
  • Lamont McCormick Systems Administrator
  • Leslie Garcia IT/Help Desk Support
  • Andrew Nawolski IT/Help Desk Support
  • Andrew Sanchez IT/Help Desk Support
  • Christina Morillo Security Manager
  • Nick Ogola Senior Developer


  • Rich Hernandez, Esq. Senior Vice President & General Counsel
  • Debra Agosta Vice President of Legal Services


  • Nilay Shah Senior Vice President, Marketing & Brand Strategy
  • Don Sperling Vice President & Executive Producer
  • Christine Baluyot Vice President, Production and Events
  • David Dominik Vice President, Digital Strategy
  • Michael Becton Director of Cinematography & Football Content
  • Doug Murphy Creative & Brand Director
  • Matthew Swensen Creative & Photography Director
  • Carey Bald Director of Events & Fan Engagement
  • John Schmeelk Director, Editorial & Audio Content
  • Emma Kaptein Director, Social Strategy
  • Michael Eisen Senior Writer/Editor
  • Dan Salomone Senior Managing Editor,
  • Marissa Soto Manager, Integrated Marketing
  • Cristina Sinofsky Manager, Social Media
  • Jed Empleo Senior Graphic Designer
  • Natalie Wizel  Content Producer
  • Charles Erdmann Video Producer/Editor
  • Christian Breslin  Graphic Designer
  • Matt Citak Digital Media Coordinator
  • Sydney Gahwyler Coordinator, Production & Events
  • Cameron Brady Graphic Design Coordinator


  • Ronnie Barnes Senior Vice President, Medical Services/Head Athletic Trainer
  • Kameno Bell, MD Consultant Team Physician/Emergency Services
  • Philip Buzzerio Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Frank Cammisa, MD Consultant Orthopedist/Spine
  • Sam Coad Director of Performance/Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Michael Dunne Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist
  • Hugh Gardy, DDS Team Dentist Emeritus
  • Brandon Harlin Player Engagement Coordinator
  • Roger Hartl, MD Team Neurological Consultant
  • Robert Hotchkiss, MD Consultant Orthopedist/Hand
  • Bryan Kelly, MD Assistant Team Physician/Orthopedics
  • Steve Kennelly Assistant Head Athletic Trainer
  • James Kinderknecht, MD Primary Care Team Physician
  • Lani Lawrence, PsyD Director of Wellness and Clinical Services, Player Engagement
  • Steven R. Leibowitz, MD Internal Medicine Consultant
  • Mark Loecher Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Ashley Lynn Director of Player Engagement
  • Justin Maher Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist
  • Martin O’Malley, MD Consultant Orthopedist/Foot and Ankle
  • Frank Piraino Director of Strength and Conditioning
  • Scott Rodeo, MD Head Team Physician/Orthopedics
  • Jason Schepis, DMD Team Dentist
  • Steve Smith  Director of Sports and Performance Nutrition
  • Steven Tatekawa Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Samuel Taylor, MD Team Physician Orthopedics
  • Russell Warren, MD Senior Team Physician/Orthopedics
  • Leigh Weiss Director of Rehabilitation/Physical Therapist
  • Aaron Wellman Executive Director of Player Performance
  • Drew Wilson Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning


  • Amy Matlins Senior Director, Ticketing
  • Amanda Ferris Assistant Director, Ticket Operations
  • Chris Gorman Manager of Ticket Operations
  • Kathleen Collins Ticket Operations Representative
  • Spencer Toneatto Ticket Operations Representative


  • Kevin Frattura Vice President of Sales & Service
  • Christie Landi Vice President of Premium Sales
  • Brian Kelly Senior Director, Client Services
  • Adam Lorber Director, Premium Sales
  • Cameron Nichols Director, Premium Sales
  • Anthony Pillari Director, Premium Sales
  • Arianna Thompson Senior Manager, Client Services
  • Dan Mucha Senior Manager, Client Services
  • Keith Quarta Senior Manager, Premium Sales
  • Mitch Hall Senior Manager, Suite Services
  • Jaida Schettino Manager, Suite Services
  • Timothy Maldonado Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Brian Frankel Senior Account Executive
  • Anthony Castaneda Senior Account Executive
  • Lindsay Rosenberg Senior Account Executive
  • Richard Ermeus Account Executive
  • Carlee Stetson Account Executive
  • Maggie Lafemina Coordinator, Client Services
  • Denise Barnes Coordinator, Client Services
  • Brian Polanco Coordinator, Client Services
  • Brendan Farley Coordinator, Client Services
  • Hanna Qira Coordinator, Client Services