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Mailbag: Addressing the O-line; WR in Round 1?


Ed in Florida: Why should the Giants spend a No. 5 or No. 7 pick on a right tackle? The team needs a tackle but he doesn't have to be the unit's best lineman. Their biggest need is corner or pass rusher (it could be linebacker, too), but no one is worth a pick in the Top 20.

John Schmeelk: It's hard to understand this line of thinking. A team doesn't need a bunch of first-round picks to have a functional offensive line, but this draft lines up perfectly to fill an important need. The consensus is three of the 10 best players in this draft class are offensive tackles. It is a huge position of need since the team does not have someone with significant starting experience on the roster. It is a premium position that is very difficult to fill in free agency without spending a lot of money. Right tackles are just as important as left tackles these days. Teams will just line up their best rushers up over the weak link of an offensive line, and Andrew Thomas will never even have a chance to block them. Pick the offensive tackle and the team could have two good bookends on the line for a long time. Remember, Thomas has had multiple injuries in his first two seasons and having someone who can slide over to left tackle in a pinch is also a very good thing. Corner and edge rusher are also needs and they match talent in the draft, but don't discount right tackle.

Tim on Florida: I have done a ton of simulator drafts, traded down and got everything to turn this team around – and I picked three offensive linemen in this draft.

John Schmeelk: From the other end of the spectrum, it would not be surprising if the Giants selected three offensive linemen in this draft, and two in the top five picks. Be careful with those draft simulators when trading down - it is always much easier in those than it is in real life. It might be difficult to find a trade partner this year without quarterbacks likely going early in the draft.

James in New York: The Giants should draft Drake London, another super receiver from USC; then, pick a very good offensive tackle because they need big playmakers this season.

John Schmeelk: It's unlikely a wide receiver gets picked by the Panthers at sixth overall, so if the Giants want to pick a wide receiver and offensive tackle with their first two picks, you likely could select the offensive tackle first. It is a deep receiver class – maybe George Pickens gets taken in the second round and has just as good of a career as Drake London. So why not wait until the 36th overall pick for a receiver? Also, do the Giants need another taller, 6-4 wide receiver given Kenny Golladay's presence on the roster? They might be looking for more of a speed receiver or route technician to complement what they already have.


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